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Another stupid person story

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by folma, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. I have seen it. Living proof that god really does love dumb people. Yes the next line is, because he made so many of them.

    Now bear with me on this one.

    Now some of you good people know my little four legged mate that barks, his name is bandit. Well bandit and I love riding around together, so much so that he even rides with me when I'm working as a motorcycle courier 3 days a week.

    He puts up with people all day, stopping and looking thinking his kinda cute, now this is in the city, millions of peoples. No one hassles him, and people generally wait around till I get back to the bike, and ask will he bite if they try to pat him. ( the answer by the way is yes ) People say cool and move on. No problem, you get the occasional hero, who will still try, and nine times outta ten they end up with a hand pull of teeth. But I did tell them.

    But today we came across the most brain dead d#*#head of an idiot I think who has ever had the gall to abuse me and call my dog some names that can not be listed here. We as in, my little mate and the good woman rode down to a St kilda cafe to meet up with a ever growing streetfighter crowd, and a few of the netrider guys and gals.

    When I'm not on the bike, I leave bandit on the bike, he is quiet happy there, he don't worry about dogs walking past, people and the kids are no problem, they can stop and look.

    But alas, along cames Mr Tossa, whats he do. Sticks his face right up to the dogs. No testing the waters, and offering the back off a hand, No straight in eye to eye nose to nose. And wonders why he ends up with a nose full of teeth. Abuses the dog abuse me. Cops a good deal of abuse from his wife for being such a dropkick :LOL: . I just left it be, he was copping a good deal grief form his woman, even his kids joined in :shock: , ( which does go to show at least total stupidity is not necessarly hereditary {Yep I know there's some hope for my kids.}) Anyway after having a big sook and carry on about his bleeding nose. His parting words, "Your concern is overwhelming" sent me well toward knocking his block off :evil: . But being able to restrain myself, my main concern, is that my dog don't catch nothing from the above mentioned fool, like a contagious bout of stupidness :twisted: .

    The more I learn about the human race, I start to wonder how the hell we survived this far. Which leaves me wondering if in early march would he shove his great ugly mug, face to face with a tiger snake, or maybe a king brown. :LOL:

  2. Can't help being reminded of the classic Peter Sellars scene; "does your derg bart?"

    What a dimwit, really, you never assume anything about a dog you don't know; a little one could take your hand off and a big one might lick you to death!!
  3. What sort of dog is bandit folma??

    I seen a couple a bout 2 weeks ago coming off the eastern heading onto hoddle st with a dog sitting on the back. Not sure what the dog was but looked something like a gold retreiver

    Was that you guys?
  4. Hmmm damm good question, Heinz variety, Rspca ( Mr sad eyes please save me) pound mutt.
    Maybe fox terrier x something. Sits up in an open tank bag, turned round.
    In the wet I zip it up and he lies in it, with his head poking out. Loves it the silly little bugger.
  5. Ah ok then it was another couple getting around then.

    But in all seriousness...l know it is silly to attempt to pat any dog you dont know, l know l wouldnt, but in general..its a natural reaction for anyone especially a kid to walk up to a dog to touch them and if its going to bite then its probably a good idea to have a muzzle on to prevent a disaster happening.

    Like l said kids are prone to walking straight up to any animal to pat them and can happen very quickly and l know how l would react if a dog was to bite one of mine and it wouldnt be a pretty site thats for sure...lol
  6. Yes, it is like running around with a loaded gun and a finger on the trigger. I am not only insinuating your stupidity, but the cumulative stupidity of both the parties. Either put it in a cage (or put on a mouth cage), or leave it at home; dont leave it unattended for the vulnurable public to be exposed to. As R1_Lover said, you might be able to justify yourself citing the stupidity of an adult, but the community/public doesn't just consist of SANE ADULTS.
  7. The Companion animals act allows your dog to protect you, your property or anyone the dog "knows". You go sticking your hands in someones tankbag you deserve to get bitten.

    Yep, kids don't always understand things like that but is that folma's fault??

    My own dogs will bite you if you reach into the back of my ute, (they bloody well better anyway) It's up to you to leave my stuff alone and teach your kids to do the same, I would have thought respect for other peoples property would be fairly high on the list of things kids need to learn but I could be wrong.
  8. Hey folma, I've seen you and Bandit a couple of times in the CBD. Great little dog you've got there!

    And you're right about Mr Bignose being a moron. What a dipstick. :roll:
  9. Sure, that guy sounded like an idiot, but am i wrong in thinking that he could quite easily take legal action against you?
  10. I hope you've had Bandit checked over by a vet... Whatever that charactr had could be catching. :LOL:
  11. that was the first thing i thought too..... :?
  12. When Folma mentioned the dog biting the nose of the moron, I wondered about the legalities of the incident. Of course if he did take legal action, this would be another example of a human blaming someone else for their own stupidity.
  13. From the Canine Association of Victoria Website;

    If your dog:

    * rushes at,
    * attacks,
    * bites,
    * worries (i.e. shakes something between teeth),
    * chases,

    any animal or person, your dog can be seized and you can be prosecuted by the local Council.

    Dog owners are responsible for any damage inflicted on a person or animal by their dog. This is much broader than dog bite it can include injury caused by the dog rushing out and knocking someone over. It can also include trauma caused by being chased by a dog.

    Consequences of dog attack
    As dog attacks are serious, Council officers may seize the dog and hold it while they take action against the dog owner. This action could be either or both:

    * a prosecution in the Magistrates Court,
    * a declaration that the dog is a 'dangerous dog' -only if it caused 'serious injury'.
    * This has a particular meaning under the Act.
    * The owner may ask the Council to destroy the dog at this stage.

    If the dog owner is found guilty, the court can order the following penalties:

    * fine of up to $500;
    * court costs;
    * damages to the person attacked. The average is $2,500 - 5,000, although there have been higher awards.
    * dog to be destroyed. This will depend on the severity of the attack.

    Remember! You are liable if your dog attacks, or injures someone. You may be prosecuted and ordered to pay a fine and damages. Your dog may be destroyed.
  14. I thought It was you riding along church street a few weeks ago.
    Dog on tank and FOLMA rego.
    How do you keep the little bugger on there?
  15. I'm sure I've seen you a couple of times in the CBD.
  16. hmmm, i tried to pat a dog in the back of a ute a couple of years ago and learnt my lesson. you would think a guy old enough to have kids would of learnt to at least put his hand near a strangers dog rather than his face :roll:

    it's a good lesson for his kids though :D

    if it was up to me people would only own friendly dogs like my lab that you can't upset if you try, but i haven't been elected boss of the world yet so i guess that will have to sit on the backburner for now :wink:
  17. I hardly think there'd be a hope in hell of Bandit being found guilty. He only did what any self respecting dog would do - not to mention that he was defending himself from the moron.

    If this got to court, surely the judge would laugh as hard as we are.

    Mick, I hope Bandit is up to date with his vaccinations. Wouldn't want him catching something, and then you having to sue for compensation on his behalf.
  18. Super glue???
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. so mr fcukwit there can sue because he was born a can short of a sixpack and decided to do something that even a 4 year old should know better than to do??

    i love the law (see signature)

    hopefully the numbnut learnt a valuable lesson there and wont go sticking his nose within striking distance of a strange dog in future :roll: sure as hell wouldn't have gotten off that lightly if one of my dogs had taken a dislike to him :LOL:
  20. i'd certainly hope that would be the case eh. surely you cant go around REWARDING stupidity :shock: