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another stupid pedestrian thread !!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. I almost collected a couple last night.

    It was close, the dude grabbed his girlfriend just in time which caused me to get a little of the death wobbles and change my line exiting the corner.

    These two people decide to cross the road 5m up from the zebra-crossing located on a curve at a set of lights.

    Like FFS !! The zebra crossing it like 5m away, and there were pedestrian crossing lights in the same vicinity. Why couldn't they just use that rather than deciding just to cross, they were crossing to go in that direction anyway.

    I could hear the dude yell out - F**ken maniac as I rode pass !

    I felt like arguing the point to point out who the real maniacs are ! :evil:
  2. There's a perfectly logical reason for this behaviour.

    When I find out what it is, I'll be sure to tell you. :p :LOL:
  3. Nearly has the same thing happen to me this morning. Turned right into Swanston street at the roundabout near the cemetary and some stupid young girl was crossing the road and didn't even look. She nearly became a hood ornament on my V8.
    Some people are just too stupid to live.
  4. Also called Darwinism.
  5. Yeah, but you try using that defence in court:
    "Come on your worship, sure, this drunken imbecile is dead, but think of the contribution I've made to the advancement of the whole species!"

    I worked as a courier in Sydney for some time. Used very loud pipes and terror tactics, mainly involving excessive rpm, to keep the office types from using me as a means of assisted suicide.
  6. not exactly a pedestrian but i nearly hit a bloody cat today, which did a massive piss bolt across the road. hit the front brakes hard and only narrowly missed it.

    dont cats know to give way !! :evil:
  7. I was waiting at the lights for the pedestrian crossing between Crown and the Exhibition Building on spencer street last weekend.
    Heaps of people crossing of course, and as always the light goes green (for traffic) and people keep crossing.

    This day i was in the car, and it has an extremely loud exhaust system. So i rev the crap out of it sitting at the lights, should have seen em all shite and run.

    Pissed myself laughing and had a great drive for the rest of the trip.
  8. that makes me roadrage when i go to visit the big-smoke.
    *hanging head*
  9. They do but they don't. They have 9 lives to use. Why give way?
  10. Why didn't you? :roll:
  11. down here in vic there is a new rider cd that says something like "pedestrians are just drivers without their cars, totally unpredictable"
  12. You should call the President of ,The pedestrian council ,the d..k head on the TV every week ,complaining about cars ,bikes ,trucks ect.
    Tell him to keep his members off the bloody road ,or make them pay for advanced "crossing the road training".

    I always wonder how this guy gets to all the media interviews all over sydney ,i would like to follow him in his car and see how many times ,he brakes the law.
    And follow him to the supermarket and ask ....how he thinks the fruit got from the country to the city ,so he can eat. :roll:
  13. ah good old Harold Scruby, where would we be without him?

    aside from better off that is....
  14. HAHAHA we read the same stuff.
  15. Actually, I'm reasonably sure that it is technically illegal in Australia to swerve/brake for a cat/dog on the road, with the reason being that the consequences of doing so can be far more deadly to humans. i.e. you could end up swerving into a pedestrian, or cyclist, on oncoming traffic, or whatever.

    If a dog/cat runs out in front of you and you run it down, it is the owner of the dog/cat that is responsible.
  16. As much as he was a certifiable maniac when he first came to prominence, I think he has had some media coaching because he has calmed down a lot. He may still be writing a complaint letter to car companies every time a new TV ad comes on(true story) but the last few times I have seen him on TV he has been a lot moore moderate are reasonable.

    So now he is on par with all the other loud mouth interest groups.

    In Micky's case, there is a law called Jaywalking. I believe they broke the law by not using a crossing when it was within 30m. Not sure about the distance but the cops may have been able to book them. That might have been an angle if their negligence had caused an accident. Of course, more likely the cop would book the rider. Just read Haggis' "Accident aftermath" thread to see how ridiculous they can be sometimes when apportioning blame for an accident.
  17. ...or Hornets' "The Law is an Ass" thread when they feel no need to lay any blame at all...
  18. agreed about scruby, i also heard that he has built up a bit of an anti fan club in any area where he chooses to voice his irrational opinion.

    anyway, its offtopic, some people just don't know how to use their brain correctly (i keep thinking of that drunk trying to put the boot in on the luggage rack on that bike)