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Another stupid cow...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Rip, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. Heading out to O'Reilly's plateau. If you look at the road, you'll see it was an interesting e-brake.


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  2. damned stupid cow! i mean honestly... :p

    on my trip to QLD, probs about 40 mins or less from making it all the way there, there was a sign stating "cows crossing ahead" or something like that - at a speed limit of 100, i was thinking "oh shit!"

    literally, THE VERY NEXT corner there's 2 fecking cows on the road hahaha, luckily i'd already slowed down freaking out about it.

    glad you stayed upright and cow remains happy :)
  3. :eek:

    i ride that road!

    I know that patch of road!

    Omg someone who doesn't live in vic!
  4. dude i'm in sydney haha
  5. I know that cow! , my chain broke on that road a couple of months ago (No more chinese chaind for me).
  6. What a load of bull!
  7. I like the white ones the best.
  8. Haha no kidding? I'm going to take the time out to do the 30 minute ride out to O'Reilly's up here in QLD and take a picture of that road's twin brother... cow crap and all!

    Stand by for pic haha
  9. This whole thread is bull
    if you went fast enough the cow would have been pasteurise.
  10. That's so terrible I LOLd...
  11. I wonder if those cows were 'mad' ? (y)
  12. Hahahahahahahaha!!
  13. This thread should be mooved.
  14. Oi, this is no place to start a beef with someone...stop trying to milk this thread OK. There is much more at steak here. There's the topic of leathers to discuss (ATGATT) and giving way to livestock i.e. mooving to the side of the road....
  15. Alright, its time this thread was looked before someone puts their foot in their mouth....
  16. LMAO this thread is gold :)
  17. 'Don't have a cow !!!', folks....If these methane gas producing bunch were to see us bickering and carrying on like this, I then wonder who will be the 'laughing stock' ?

  18. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you your winner....
  19. Instead of cows with guns maybe?

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  20. I think you just broke the internets.