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Another Striple.

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by sahig131, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. After months of test rides (and years of saving) I picked up my upgrade today, a 2010 Street Triple.
    Mannnn what an awesome bike, loving the induction noise and power.
    Here's the obligatory pic, next to my old steed.


    Enjoying the learning curve and can't wait to hit some twisties on the weekend.
  2. Wow great upgrade bike :D wicked pic of the two together!

    Unsure of the gold colour... can I paint it silver instead? :p

    It's a good feeling, hey? Upgrading after working your arse off saving the money dollar by dollar. It was like victory paying the last couple of hundred off and then being handed the keys :)
  3. The old one still looks so good i had to look up which is the 2010 model to tell them apart. Ok not really :p but the old one still looks like a mean machine even compared with the current styling.
  4. Haha, yeah I've had some good times on the Spada; Extreme offroading, cow dodging and lots of pushing.

    Sure MS paint all the way! :LOL:

    Itching to go for a ride, the only problem is it's raining... and I hear the B016's aren't great in the wet...I Suppose I'll soon find out.
  5. Great looking bike. Very envious.
  6. Congrats mate, lovely bike!

    How good is the induction noise? I get it on my Speed Triple and will probably get me into trouble sooner or later.
  7. Thanks guys, done 500km already and am really surprised how manoeuvrable it is, such an easy bike to ride!

    I saw the new Speed triple when test riding a street, It looks awesome in person, Enjoy it!
  8. I upgraded a couple of months ago from a vtr250 to a black street triple. I bloody love it to bits. Mate u will have so much fun on this bike!
    good luck with it and enjoy that triple note