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Another stalker thread!!! :D

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by carpetbelly, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Well, I'm an idiot lol.

    I parked up at work this morning and as I was getting off my bike a motard pulls up alongside me. And then it was something out of a film when she pulled her helmet off hehe :D
    Oh deary me, smitten by the hot chick on a bike...

    I did instigate a small chat about how her bike and what's it like to ride, small talk crap. But left it at that. Me thinking I might just throw caution to the wind and go put a note on her bike with my number.

    I assume that's quite stalkerish and weird but meh, others have done it on here and given everyone a good laugh. Why not join in :D
  2. all the best lol - wait to see if there are any rings when her gloves come off hehehee
  3. Hey at least you put your number on her bike...gives you a chance.

    Third thread on being smitten by a girl?
  4. haha havent yet... i'll pop out at lunch for a ciggie and do it then. :D
  5. ...poor woman. :(
  6. On another forum I hang around (which has a younger median age, but still plenty of adults), we have an acronym: JAHO.

    You get three guesses.
  7. I refuse to comment in this thread :LOL:
  8. just ask her out

    just do it already! she might be leaving early today...
  9. I thought it was Just Another Ho :LOL:
  10. well, on lowercases advice then I went and slipped the note under the strap on her seat... though having seen that pic the temptation to cover it in post it notes was also great! But not the weirdo look I was going for. I'm going for nice weirdo, i think that would be to much really.

    Hmmm, maybe I should have drawn it out to compete with the other similar threads though lol
  11. Hmmm, I went with Just Another Hard-On. Lowercase's 'solution' never occured to me. :(
  12. What if you just did burnouts in front of her bike until you spell your name and number? Creativity much?
  13. haha i think id be more likely to drop it and look like a tool :D
  14. I think you already do unfortunately.
  15. haha cheers for the vote of confidence there
  16. whatever, at least he's straight up about it. if you wanna give someone your number, then do so. and he has - albeit not in the "normal" fashion, but if they do end up together, she'll be telling the story proudly.

    on another topic, i found a note on my bike with a phone number of a guy i spoke to this morning... should i call him?
  17. I must have read you wrong my bad, but since you just did it, good on you...now you have a fighting chance...though maybe in an unconventional way (is there such thing as conventional in this kind of thing?).

    Didn't get a chance to guess, but I did like the Just Another Ho HAHAHA...Just Ask Her Out seems rather more polite though.
  18. He who hesitates, masterbates.

    I've always been a big fan of lurking somewhere near the location all day then casually sauntering out when the victim er I mean the young lady turns up to ride her beast home.

    Alternatively coming back the same time next day and hoping for the best is slightly less stalkerish.
  19. That is properly genius!!! =D>

    Gonna be working some shitty hours today and tomorrow I think so defo no chance to plan this... Plus I dont recall seeing the bike before but then she did say she was on a 250 and it's quite new.

    Well, even if she does nothing with it at least I know I tried. If she smiles from it then that's better than nothing.

    And lowercase, yeah, you should ring him lol ;)