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Another speed limit in Victoria

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by android, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. Last night I went for a ride along Beach Rd. On the way home, I decided to ride through Acland St St.Kilda. It has a speed limit of 30km/h.

    We now have limits of 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 & 110. Phew! I broke out into a sweat just typing all those numbers. :)

  2. If thats a joke, I'm not laughing.

    30k, I can urinate faster than that. What a joke.
  3. On the plus side we no longer have 75kph. That makes things a little easier.

    Just kidding. 30kph in Ackland St doesnt seem like a huge deal, its only two blocks long. Trouble is, where else will it catch on!
  4. Thejewishone....

    That talent will come in handy for when out and about on Acland street and an Across rider goes past!

    *giggles and runs from flipper*
  5. 30? why stop there, how about a 20 or even a 10 zone...

    I can just see people warming up their slow-riding skills.
  6. I can run faster than you :twisted: :twisted:

    (At the moment anyway :LOL: )
  7. You forget that there are 10 and 20 k limits in car parks

    alas we have the full spectrum now..
  8. nah lets face it... its all "suggested" speed limits right?

    same as the fines are "suggested" fines


    Nah I'm all for riding safely (and driving safely for that matter) - but I'm a speed demon!!
  9. and 5, yep fell over backwards. Went to the hospital the other day and no crap bloody 5, un freakin believable.
  10. Well it has been trialled already down here, for the "main street" to be only 25 km's per hour.... :roll:
    I haven't heard any more since the trial - but the pedestrians think it's a great idea and want it brought in :evil:
  11. 5 is also the speed limit at HQ peoples :p
    and no more burnouts in my driveway :roll: :shock:
  12. Kez when was Liebig (*spelling) St made into a 25 zone.
  13. Dazza - about 5-6 weeks ago they trialled a 25 kph speed limit in Leibig st (yep you got the spelling right!).
    It was from a Friday to Monday (IIRC) - to try and deter people who "chuck laps" (Lappers) and those that try "dragging" (not that there is that many who do that).
    I *think* the council would like to drop the idea - and I know that Vicroads (?) wouldn't approve it unless other speed restrictive measures were taken (speed bumps).
  14. woohoo!!!! finally somewhere i can break the speed limit on my pushy!! :twisted:
  15. high st northcote all the way to reservior , 40km per hour and 50 when not at those times
    and people wonder why there road rage

    The article on the tv about speeding trams in 40kph areas , it happens to me all the time in bridge rd the trams speed while you are doing the speed limit
  16. Of course they do - they have to get in front of you so they can then stop and make you stop behind them for the 15th time in 10 minutes.
  17. It won`t be long until you have to carry a pillion at all times.
    So they can get off and walk ten paces in front of you, ringing a bell to let people know you are coming.
    Seriously folks, next time you are going to cross the road as a pedestrian, remember these speed limits are because people dont use the crossing or the lights, so they get run over and killed, then it`s somehow the drivers fault.
    As your driving/riding/walking around town, take note of how many parents are dragging their kids out into the traffic to get across the road, if mum and dad do it, it must be ok, right.
    Pedestrians get killed cos their stupid, regardless of whether someone is speeding or not, if their is a car coming wait till it`s gone.
    End of rant,
  18. conspiracy theory:
    state goverments aim to get everyone who travels to the city on public transport !
    drive them to it out of frustration.
  19. Theory 2
    You can make more money from speeding fines than jay walking fines.
  20. what about the 8k ones....... :shock: