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Another (sort of) noob

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by GD, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. G'day all,

    Finally joined NR after bookmarking it months ago. It didn't feel right to join when I didn't have a bike, but I finally bit the bullet (and persuaded my wife) and bought one.

    I still feel a bit of a fraud as I don't actually have the bike yet. It's still getting the extras fitted, so hopefully next weekend I'll be a real person.

    There seems to be quite a few of us returning riders. It's over 20 years since I owned a bike, and over a decade since I last rode, so I'm looking forward to getting my grin back.

    Thanks to all the posters too. I got many ideas from reading what's been posted: what issues others have found and the ways they got around them, people's recommendations, informal and formal reviews, etc.

    ... and to answer the inevitable question, yes I will post pictures (once I have something to photograph that is).
  2. Welcome (back) to the wonderful world of two wheels.

    I had a 20 year hiatus too, regret it every day even though it was forced on me by circumstance.

    Enjoy, the ride, and the forums.
  3. Welcome mate, Netrider really is one of the best resources for all things motorcycle! Have fun and stay safe!


  4. gday :grin:
  5. * waves hello * :)
  6. welcome bud :)
  7. Hi Ya! GD

    Welcome home.

    Another over 40. Yay! The forces are growing. :grin:

    How rude, no asked "Whata buy?" (hoping I didn't miss that bit)


    (bugger, I did miss it. 2009 Suzuki Boulevard C50) :oops:
  8. ... and I have already found a bonus in being an NR member too. When I got a quote for insurance I found I get a discount for being a member.

    Sure, it's only half a slab or a couple of packets of smokes when converted into real terms, but it's better to be in my pocket than theirs.
  9. Hi GD

    Score! Which company? How big, ARE your pockets? :wink:

  10. It's done through ANZ, but they act as agents for ING and QBE. I'm pretty sure the Home & Contents is done through ING and the vehicle is done through QBE.

    I hadn't thought to look through the Preferred Partners link yet, but I might check it out now.
  11. So you have a combined insurance package? Cheaper?
    I have H&C & car with RACV but need to insure the Harley & VTR, but not sure who with. Too many choices. :roll:
  12. It's hard to tell whether it's cheaper than elsewhere. I get a staff discount so it makes it cheaper for me, but I'm not sure how it would go without that.

    The quote I got from Peter Stevens for Swann insurance was around $440 while the one from ANZ/QBE was ~$370 (sometimes it's good to be an old codger). Without the 15% discount (5% for NR membership, 10% for staff) they're virtually identical, and there's probably another discount too that I haven't factored in for having H&C done through ANZ too. I did check with RACV too and they were north of $500, but you should do better than that through them as you have an existing policy.
  13. Hard to know, isn't it. One of the harleys was insured with Shannons years ago - $900. Not ins'd now.
    Just bought house so hoping to combine all items - H/H&C/car/bk/bk & maybe ins. the hubby too. haha! - there's got to be some discount there as members.
    Discount for being "mature". Sweet!
  14. Fortunately the discount is based on age, not maturity. :grin:
  15. Lucky or I'd be paying a huge excess. :wink:
  16. i payed $420 including $40 extra having my old man who is 67 on my policy with qbe ....new gsx1400zk7 $14500..... hes also got his bandit 1250s insured with them

    and welcome to nr and safe riding
  17. Hi and welcome to NR

    Always worth shopping about on insurance. I have insurance with Shannons and QBE. Virtually no difference in premiums between them on one bike and hundreds on the other.

    tankgirl said:
    Hah! You youngsters think you invented old age. Well let me tell you when I was your age..... :LOL:
  18. Welcome mate