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Another small electrical problem on the nsr

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ilovemynsr150sp, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. hey everyone, i ma havin another small electrical problem on the nsr. i brought it to an auto electrician 3 months ago because the cables on the switchblock were loose. had no troubles afterwards. brought bike to a tune-up last week to get the carbie tuned and cleaned.after bike was home i noticed a wierd problem, when i am turning the handlebars all electrics cut out on one particular spot. i traced it back to the cables at the switchblock. cant see much but i strapped the cables towards the switchblock and no problems. brought it to the same electrician again. he called today to say that he couldnt find a fault. when we arrived there to pick the nsr up he said that he experienced the "cut out" problem. now the thing is: he says i need a new connector plate(the plate the cables are soldered to), im not sure i can get that plate without buying a whole new switchblock which will cost me tons :evil: do you guys think i need a whole new plate or is he just tellin fibs to make more money and he only needs to redo the soldering because it only cuts out on one spot when you turn the handlebars... sorry if its not very detailed but i am havin trouble describing it :? any ideas or thoughts greatly appreciated!

  2. sorry, i miss wrote something...its not the switchblock but the keyblock(where you put your key in :LOL: ) underneath there are two calbes, red and black. sorry im very confused myself!
  3. Most auto elec places have more work than they can handle and "boosting" the price of jobs is rare, especially if he could do it himself and charge you and wave you goodbye ASAP instead of having to order parts in. Maybe see if you can get the parts elsewhere e.g. a wrecker, but they're not going to be cheap either way.
  4. Without knowing your electrician better, including some idea of his bank account and bills owing, I can only say he is probably not lying.

    If soldering would have done it, he would have done it, I reckon.

    If the wiring plays up every time you turn the bars it is easy to track down the break. It could be inside the switchblock, it could be a bad connector, or it could be a broken wire. The wiring on the NSR is very light gauge.

    I think you will need to trust your man since you evidently don't have the skills to track down the problem yourself. If the wires just needed soldering, pulling on them gently (or pulling either of them) would have the wire come away from where it is soldered now. Can you do that? No?

    Then I reckon he could be telling the truth. ;-)


    Trevor G
  5. Hey Trevor. he did a pretty job last time when the solder came loose. i do know a bit about electrics but im german so my english is not that good when it comes to describing stuff :LOL: well i did find the problem before i brought it to him, just under the ignition switch, black and red cable. now when i jiggled the cables away from the switch i had no power, when pulling towards switch it works perfect with no probs @ all. because the auto elec did such a good job last time and taped it up so good i couldnt see the wires so i couldnt identify if one of them was loose. i did fix the problem by putting a cable tie around the two cables and pulling it towards the ignition switch but i thought i should go the safe way and bring it to the auto elec. Now he didnt try anything because the problem never occured when i dropped it off, even with the cable tie off. today he called and told us to pick it up coz he couldnt find any faults but when we got there the problem started again :? he didnt do any checking and said that it was prob the connector plate the wires are soldered to. i think that the wires are too short so when you turn the handlebards they are being pulled but couldnt check to b for sure... i would have tried to have a look @ it again tonite but i left it @ the auto elec. what else is in the ignition switch after the black and red wires soldered unto the connector plate? i would have to buy a whole new ignition switch right? sorry for the long post! hope you can help me! regards, stefan
  6. ...actually quite good. Some aussies cannot write as well as you!

    Just had a look at our bike. Where thre wires exit the switch there is a plastic lug. The wires should be cable-tied to this so that they exit horizontally to the ground. If they are tied here then the switch plate cannot flex.

    If the wires are not cable-tied in that position (I can post a pic if you need it) then you could be damaging the switch itself through stretching the wires.

    The most likely thing is that the wire has broken inside the insulation - it might not be correctly routed under the tank, leaving it too short to allow for handlebar turning.


    Trevor G
  7. Haha wow thanks :LOL: i find it really hard to explain stuff, especially when you know what it means in german but not in english :wink: hmm sounds like there is a diff between our nsr´s there ,because my cables do not exit horizontally to the ground. When i brought it to them last time they soldered it on so that the cables exit to the right side. My thought is that the cables are pulled when i turn the handlebars to the left and loose contact makes me loose power :eek: . A pic would be excellent thanks :) When i still had the nsr here at home i checked under tank and i gave it as much cable as i could but probably not enough :( will see what your pic looks like and then probably check on my bike tomorow and ask the auto elec if he could extend the cables and get them to exit horizontally :grin: Thanks so much for your help Trev! :p
  8. No probs. Ich bin auch ein Deutscher* (umm...4th generation australian born german - all parents on both sides were german, but my generation all married out of the "faith", so to speak ;-) )

    Anyway, it doesn't matter where the cables point when they exit the switch, but they should be cable-tied as close as possible to the exit (even vertically is fine) to prevent them doing what they shouldn't. They shouldn't flex anywhere near the switch mounting.

    Sounds like your bike has been messed with.


    Trevor G

    * Wasn't sure whether that should be with or without the "r". A Deutscher is also an industrial mower built in Ballarat... Studied german at school but that was more than 10 years ago. ;-)
  9. haha hey thats awesome as! :LOL: Your spelling was correct too :p well im african with both my parents german haha :) well back to the topic, my cables are hanging freely everywhere, its a real mess so i guess i have to tell the auto elec tomorow that he should go check that out. And yeah the whole ignition switch looks like someone tried to crack it before :? Could you still send me that pic of the cables coming out of the ignition switch so that i can show the auto elec tomorow to make sure he is doin it right :) And btw my german is not perfect either :) gruss, stefan :p