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Another shifty bike on Bikesales?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bullet21, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. Of course it is! report it immediately mate.
  2. if its too good to be true...
  3. The non-Aussie number plate may also be a indicator to the ads agenda :)
  4. Intriguing chain set up in the last picture...
  5. Wow! Out of all of that chrome, fat-arse rear drag setup, paint scheme, etc, all they could think of that would "sell it" was a custom seat!!
  6. You'd have to be a complete idiot not to notice that this is not an Australian bike, since the plates are not ours, and mounted in the way that is not road-legal in Australia. You'd have to be even more brainless to think that anybody would let a bike like that go for 7.5k, when the mods alone clearly costed at least twice that amount, not to mention that any clean, un-molested Hyabusa of that vintage/mileage would also be worth hell of a lot more than 7.5 thousand. Also, note this is supposedly a 2006 model bike, with a rego that expired in 9/2006. How would that work?!?

    What is not all that obvious however is how to report a scam to bikesales? Their contact info suggest a number of inquiries, but reporting a scam is not one of them. It should be.

    But I think if anyone fell for this one, they deserved it.
  7. +1
  8. $7500 is too much.

  9. yeah!! dont report it yet!! lets fcuk with him/her some!! lets have a number of us email the person and try to buy it, ask for more recent pics, pics of themselves for prof of genuine sale and then try to haggle the price or something!! dont report it, lets all give them a hard time first!!!
  10. yeah im not sure how you report it either.
  11. I honestly think if anyone bought this they would be a complete tool.

    What a waste of a Busa.
  12. hehehehe.
  13. Agreed... poster of this scam should be reported to bikesales, but the actual owner should be tracked down as well and reported to Good Taste Police, or The Royal Society For Prevention Of Cruelty To Bikes or something.
  14. Oh my! It's kind of lairy isn't it?
  15. Keep us posted.....i might play too.
  16. i got a reply already!!

    to him

  17. Way to go, "Dan"...

    There are websites and groups who dedicate a lot of time baiting the Nigerian scammers. Perhaps this could develop along similar lines.

    Why the hell would someone in the US want to sell a bike O/S is beyond reason. The market there is good enough for it to sell easily.

    As for the price, it's probably fair market value for over there. Used vehicles there are so cheap compared to what we pay.

    Whatever, the bike is obscene. But then, horses for courses, I s'pose.
  18. Whoever "Rick Flyo" is, I'll bet you English is NOT his first language ......