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Another shameless grab for grandeur

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Iffracem, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. I'm at it again, desperately wanna get an Old Farts sub-culture going within Netriders. (Ulysses.. pffft that's so passe)

    There seems to be a lot of us more "mature" :shock: people involved in riding, and a lot joining these forums.

    Grommit and I started OFARC (Old Farts Across Riders Club) but it seems we had too narrow a focus. Now is the time to test the waters for an expanded empire.. er I mean "interest group".
    So.... if you have, or could have if you were so inclined, offspring that are of the legal age to get a bike license, your an Old Fart!! That's the only criteria.

    Now that the focus is not just the riders of such esteemed machines as the Across, the title needs a change.

    Here are some options,
    "Old Farts & Across Riders Club"
    "Old Farts of Australia Riders Club"
    "Old Farts of Australia Touring Sect"...or OFARTS
    (any other ideas gratefully accepted.)

    The greeting call will remain a lusty and loud call of "O-FARC!" (optional when dismounting, esp at speed :wink: )

    If your interested, post your names here, Grommit and I will update the list and assign a number (he and I are joint founding #1.. so there)
    You can "book" a number if you like (as long as it's not already taken).

    Current list of OFARC's...

    #1 Grommit & Iffracem (founding members)
    #2 Techno
    #3 Brian26146 (Also known as "GOFARC", or Grand Old Fart)
    #4 groberts03
    #5 titania
    #6 XG
    #7 nobby
    #8 Jafu
    #9 farawayman
    #10 Mrs Scumbag
    #11 Mr Scumbag
    #12 titus
    #13 VTRBob
    #14 riclin
    #15 midnight
    #16 Chairman
    #17 Smack
    #18 Jafu
  2. "The greeting call will remain a lusty and loud call of "O-FARC!" (optional when dismounting, esp at speed )"

    What do you mean, optional? It'll be essential - if not involuntary!
  3. Yep, even a "gentle" dismount can cause it.

    Went for a loverly little ride with friends yesterday, just a wee 380 k's or so :roll:

    When I got off, every so gently, to get petrol near the end of the trip, I couldn't help but mutter the call :?

    Today I got up ready to do it all again! :D

  4. oldfart

    OK, so the criteria is that your offspring must hold a licence.

    What about if your offspring's offspring has a licence? Do I qualify?

    Wack me name down. Might as well be in the mess as look at it.

    ps Ithink OFARC is good.
  5. OFARC is pretty cool ;) but dont take it from me; Im just a young un
  6. My vote goes to "Old Farts of Australia Riders Club". At least until our first international Netrider applies for membership... :roll:
  7. The Cripples MC :LOL:
  8. So far it's:

    Grommit & Iffracem joint #1
    Techno #2
    Brian26146 #3 (should be called "GOFARC", or Grand Old Fart)

    You in groberts03, Smack? (who's artwork seems to have vanished :eek: )

    Thanks Eswen :D

  9. A gaming clan which some how i gave these guys...

    OGwA - Old Guys with Attitude

    How about

    OGwB - Old Guys(or Girls) with Bikes

    Oh gawd im feeling old already.


  10. i am only 36
    whats the minimun age entry level ?
  11. It could be anything from 32 onwards really, if you were capable of producing ofspring at 14, they would be capable of getting a lisence at 18.

    Hmm, I guess I'll be eligible next week! Bugger! :x :cry:

    :p :p
  12. I'm never going to admit to being eligible!
  13. I would like to apply but I have a couple of questions:

    1. is there a NOM period?
    2. will I have to buy a cruiser?
    3. will I be black balled because I ride a baby "Z"?
    4. will I be forced to admit my son rides a Yamaha, and lastly,

    5. do I have to ride naked (again)?

    :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  14. I would like to apply, still too young to join "Ulysses"
  15. All right put my name down, on the condition there is never any requirements to own, ride or touch an “Across” unless it is in the act of destroying said bike.

    I have to draw the line somewhere
    :LOL: :LOL:
  16. ya just gotta be at the age that your offspring (if you had any, that's not compulsory) could legally ride a bike on the road, so if that's 17 (Tas) and you could of had a rug-rat at say 20, that means you fit the criteria

    Your in!!! Welcome #4!


  17. Your in mate... (like it or NOT!) As Titania pointed out, it's definately possible

    #6 for you.
  18. Um... Tas is 17, SA 16 (years ago when I used to live there it was anyways)

    so that means....... wait for it........ YOUR IN!!!!!!!

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Welcome #5 is alive 8)
    (happy birfdee for next week. just in case I miss the post)
  19. nobby....
    1. is there a NOM period? ---- yep, the first 31 years of your life :eek:
    2. will I have to buy a cruiser? ---- Only if you want to, or the arthritis makes you :cry:
    3. will I be black balled because I ride a baby "Z"? Jeez no.. Grommit and I have Acrosses! :p
    4. will I be forced to admit my son rides a Yamaha, and lastly, Now that is truly sad :? , but not a penalty.
    5. do I have to ride naked (again)? Not if I can see it =;

    Welcome #7!!

    If you wanted to join t hat rabble, you could (junior member @ 40)
    But our esteemed organisation is far superior!

    Welcome #8

    Despite the unwarranted attack on the excellent machine that is an Across,
    we grudgingly give you #9

    ooo gradually building momentum... feel the powerrrrr (cough wheez)