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Another Scamtown begging me to become a citizen?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gurbachen, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. Just got a call about my bikesales ad from a guy in Sydney. He claimed that he couldn't be bothered flying down and back just to see the bike for five minutes so he'd take my word for the condition and just ship it up there. The asking price is $7500, he asked if I'd let it go for $7000, I said yes on the condition that it's in cash, and he just kind of agreed but still said he wasn't going to come down. He sounded sincere, but I can lie with a straight face too. If he pays the money straight to my bank account, can he still screw me? What if I withdraw the money before sending the bike?

  2. Tell him will have to wait four days for the check to clear, and he will have to pay the transport costs to Sydney as well, up front,

    On the 3rd day, you withdraw all the cash and then send it to him with the papers. after the back cheque has cleared,
  3. So there's no way for the money to disappear if it's a bank transfer? I know it's not magic but like I've read in the paypal scams that the money appears for a few days and is then removed by paypal because it's stolen or something like that. He actually suggested himself that it would take days to clear to which I replied that was A-OK as it wasn't a quick sale anyway. I want to believe him but I can't help but be suspicious. I was gonna tell him $7250 bank transfer, my I can convince him to fly down if I agree to $7000 then he can use the money to come down and put cash in hand
  4. I've never had a problem with an EFT and don't know anyone else who has.

    Get him to email you a pic of himself and license for ID. So you know it is a real person.
    When he does the transfer he can email the confirmation details.

    When the money clears it is yours and the bike is his.

    Most people wouldn't be comfortable carrying $7k in cash around. Can't say I blame them. EFT is as good as cash in my experience. Depending on the bank it will take 24 to 48 hours to clear. He may also have a daily limit on his account that could mean two or more transfers. That isn't really a problem.

    Western Union, Paypal, uncleared bank cheque? No way.
  5. I had a similar situation with a dude in QLD.. I wanted cash before it was on a truck, He wanted it on a truck before I got the cash..... We agreed to disagree.
  6. Well this guy agreed to wait until the money cleared, which is why I thought he might be lazy but legit :p Thanks for the advice guys, I wasn't sure if bank transfer was safer than paypal or not but I guess it is.
  7. I had someone deposit money into my account accidentally, the bank just can't take the money back, they send/contact you to tell you that a third party is requesting the money back. Well at least 5 years ago, i let the poor bugger have his money back :D

    I assume if he did try to get the bank to get the money out, you would just tell them its part of an agreement that he is buying the bike etc. This is assuming the money cleared in the first place, so wait till it does like the others have said
  8. I don't know, something here doesn't seem right. I find it hard to believe someone would spend 7 grand on something sight-unseen. And if they guy is really so rich 7 grand is just lose change to him, why is he buying a second-hand bike on bikesales? Wouldn't you just walk into a shop and buy a new toy if you were in such position? This deal smells fishy to me.
  9. they can't just take back the money with direct deposit but i know my daily limit is only $1000 so if his is similar it will take ages to get the money
  10. You can contact your bank and they can approve greater amounts on your daily limit for transactions.

    You can even arrange a 1 off EFT with the banks approval for any amount
  11. really, my bank must be crap cause they won't let me do that
  12. I agree that it seemed weird, but he stated that he wanted mine because they didn't have the military colour near his place...I dunno, I agree that it does seem a little fishy but as long as the money clears...shrug
  13. different conditions cause it was $1500- and i knew it was stuffed but i bought a car sight unseen off ebay, eft'd the money.

    i would buy an expensive bike sight unseen but i would get it inspected first. IMO could be legit.
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    My brother bought a bike sight unseen off eBay for 11k in qld w no dramas.
  15. I was considering buying a bike for $6000 unseen.
    EFT is safe. I once sent money to the wrong account number. The bank told me, if it arrives in an account they can't do anything except politely ask for it back. Most people are decent enough to do that.
  16. The guy that bought my bike from Sydney two months ago (I'm in Brisbane) put $500 in by EFT as a deposit and drove up here with the balance in cash (another $6000). I was able to cash in the remaining registration which was a few hundred to me as well as not needing to get a roadworthy for the transfer.
    So cash is still alive for what it's worth.
  17. How much is it worth to ship a bike from melbourne to Sydney?
  18. have the bank set up an escrow service for the money if your very concerned, when he gets the bike, you get the money.
  19. While not what you'd call common, I don't think it is necessarily a scam. I've considered doing the same thing myself.

    I'd say go ahead with it. If the name he's given you doesn't match the bank account that the money comes from, then ask more questions. Otherwise, congratulations on selling your bike.

    The only other piece of 'insurance' i'd consider getting is your agreement in writing (an email will suffice). That way if there's any problems, you've both got it written down rather than relying on what you remember from phone calls.
  20. As you say, if you get the money then who cares. Transfer it into another account straight away if you want psychological security. I bought a bike sight unseen interstate, and didn't want to travel because it would have been too much drama - that was for $3k (my SR500), but that was as much to me at the time as $7k is to many other people.