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Another rookie from SA

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by TheStriplator, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. Hi all,
    another mature(ish)-aged rookie from Adelaide's north here. I haven't got a bike or much gear yet but am spending hours reading through the collective wisdom of others in the forums. Thanks for sharing it all!
    I'm booked in for the basic rider safe course in a week or so, and hope to get a bike and be out and about ASAP after that.

  2. G'day, what sort of bike are you thinking of ? The course is easy by the way just listen and follow directions.
  3. Hello and welcome to NR !
  4. At this stage I'm thinking about a second hand 250cc naked. Something like a Honda VTR or CB, or even a Suzi Bandit. It'll mostly be used as a commuter whilst on L's. I like the reputation of the CB and being a fairly small guy (5'7") think it'll suit quite nicely. Also, by starting here it won't break the bank if I want to change to something else in a years time.

    Thanks GoldNine.
  5. gday welcome to the nuthouse :]
  6. Thanks Jeffco. I reckon I'll fit right in!
  7. Welcome to NR.

    Good choices for a naked bike. I had the VTR for part of my LAMS. Good commuter, bought it cheap and managed to sell it basically for the same price I bought it.

    You'll probably have more fun on the CB, but will also cost you more upfront.

    Can't go wrong with either.
  8. You're on other forums then ?
  9. Hey Blabbs how ya going?
  10. back on the port bandwagon
  11. Oh well thats a start, more about the bike less about you theres a good chap.
  12. No, just the forums that make up netrider. I've read the odd thing from other sites but haven't joined them.
  13. Monogamist ??
  14. Ha, ha....yes
  15. Boring--best buy a Honda then.
  16. Hey, another one from SA. The L's course is straight forward. I started on a 250cc as well, was a cbr rr.
  17. Thanks Nozila. I'm not too stressed about the course. I reckon I'll be fine.
    Although I am leaning towards a 250, I haven't completely discounted the idea of a GS500. After the course I'll get my backside on a few and see what feels right.
  18. Meet Blabbs, he's from Barcelona.
  19. Welcome to nUtRiDeR.

    Are you hot?