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Another road rager

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Kha-Khees, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. On wednesday I was involved in a road rage incident. It happened while I was working (postie) en route between parts of my round. I've filled out incident stuff with work and been to a copshop, but they weren't much help.

    I'm riding along cheltenham road in keysborough at noon, approaching perry road in the left lane. Lights are red at the intersection so I'm slowing down. There's a bike lane to my left and then a slip lane onto perry (see pic, point 1). As i'd entered cheltenham road less than 1km back up the road there was no traffic behind me, and yet suddenly a black ford territory appears to my left at a rather uncomfortable distance. At this point I swear quite loudly as it's taken me by surprise.

    Well now, apparently I've personally insulted the driver because he's heard me, and I can now see him sitting in the slip gesturing at me in his side mirror. I shake my head. His reverse lights come on. Oh boy.

    By this point the lights are green, I go bugger it and take off (about as fast as a shetland pony, ct110s arent known for their pulling power). He's now tailgating me at point 2 then jumps to the middle lane and swerves in front of me, braking hard. I headcheck and take the middle lane as I was expecting this. He's now matching me and yelling for me to pull over. This is my real fault, I should've kept going.

    We pull up at the corner @ point 3. He gets out of the car and immediately starts swearing incomprehensibly at me, he gets right up in my face. We were literally face to face - he then motions to headbutt me, but our noses only brush really. He's obviously trying to incite me to hit him. While I've been swearing at him in kind I'm nowhere stupid enough to retaliate physically, although I am prepared to defend myself. At this point I've pulled out my phone, taken a photo of his face and rego and he (for whatever reason) has taken one of my rego. He then gets back in his car and leaves.

    Obviously there was an argument continuing the whole time, I really can't recall specifics of what were said. It's a personal fault that I let myself get hot headed in these situations.

    Anyway, after talking to my manager I call into the springvale police to have a chat. Basically I was told that if I attempt to press charges a result in my favour is very unlikely due to lack of witnesses, it will be my word against his. Apart from whatever traffic offences they can lay, the only charge would have been summary assault.

    I'm sort of at a loss as to what to do. I've got it pretty square in my head regarding what happened, and how I could have avoided it all. The initial incident was rather trivial really, people cut left at that intersection all the time it's just that I had my guard down. My only consolation is that this guy's probably got plenty of personal problems, i just hope he doesn't take his anger out on anyone else.


    The kick in the guts is my letter from vicpol today: 105 in a 100 zone. 150 bucks and this guy gets nothin'.
  2. Mate, its shit, but sometimes you just gotta suck it up and move on
  3. Nothing, except build a bridge and get over it. Oh, and learn to hold your anger in check, don't stop to talk to road ragers unless there has actually been contact, and even then only when it is safe to do so and stop where there are witnesses.

    While I would recommend keeping a more vigilant eye on what is behind you, sometimes we miss something, and this guy was probably both looking for trouble, and creating the situations where he would find it.

    Now relax and go do some sport or something else to burn off all that energy.
  4. It was a tough call to pull over, and usually I would not recommend it, but here it sounded like you had very little option to flee and he was driving pretty erratically toward you. Trying to ride away could have caused things to get a lot worse.
  5. maybe cameras should be installed for all posties!!! times ike this, cops cant say no!!
    Well done for not smacking him one, is there a 4wd surevy on how dangerous they and their drivers are?
  6. Shame him, post the pic of his ugly mug on here so we can have a laugh :p

    I personally wouldn't ever pull over for someone else unless my sole intention was to punch on.
  7. I would have thought posties would have seen it all... road rage, ******** drivers, txters, agro dogs etc... And this particular incident would have been nothing new...I'm surprised you arced up in the first place.
  8. In my experience, there's nothing you can do, just get away from them as quickly as you can. Don't ever stop unless it is absolutely unavoidable, even then you should be looking for a way out asap. Don't panic, and try not to lose your temper, that's just a recipe for disaster. The cops will not help you, nothing will happen to the other guy unless you have witnesses and he actually hits you. I don't cop too much abuse because on the fireblade I'm not near any cars for long enough, I imagine it's quite a different story on a postie bike.
  9. Getting away wasn't really an option.
    The bike I was on will NOT exceed 80 (barring wind and a downhill slope). My mistake was to pull over when I did. Should have attempted to continue to the final points of my round, or pulled over where there would definitely be witnesses. That's my lesson.

    I didn't "arc up" at the initial undertaking. It caught me off guard and my swearing was merely in surprise. At that point I let it go as another ********, he's the one who reversed out of the slip lane back onto the road and followed ME.

    I know there's nothing I can realistically do, and I am over it, this post is part of the process. If you don't understand this read the name of this particular subforum.

    afterthought: Unimpressed at the police's response. The only advice they had to offer was to not pull over, as they could've had weapons, been on drugs, anything. But if someone's prepared to harm you if you pull over, it's a fair bet they have no qualms using their 2 ton 4wd to squash the 90kg bike and 65kg postie.
  10. dude 2 points
    how the **** did you get a fine for 105/100 on a postie?? you got nitrous on that thing??

    and second, from one road warrior to another, don't let the dipsticks get to you. there are FAR FAR FAR to many to let them eat away at you, especially for a suburban jockey like a postie
  11. Mate at least you are ok that's the main thing. This vent has more than likely been a good thing for you. There are dickheads everywhere.
    Chasing a postie in a 4WD - yes he has a small penis and his mother never loved him.
  12. That pretty much sums up my thoughts, Mick.

    And the fine wasn't on the postie :p, I was with 3 other riders on the westgate fwy inbound a month ago. I've let them know and I hope they don't but am interested to see if they get any as well.
  13. What about a go-pro camera for your helmet?
  14. Yeah...you gotta just let it go, but cover your arse at work, because if he calls the po, you wanna be covered against any bs.

    Give it a few days.

    What I cannot believe is this arsk hole going off at a postie FFS!!!

    With a bit of luck he'll get his arsk kicked by a bigger farkwit than himself.