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another rider off - got rear ended!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Blueser, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. Well here is my news.

    I Hadn't ridden the bike for about three weeks so on Friday (3/6/05) I gave it a wash and headed out for a ride. On the way home turned left at Cranbourne/Moorooduc Rd to come back via the freeway. Pulled up, looked right and next thing I know I'm lying on my back looking at my bike laying on the road in front of me.

    A young girl (P plater) had thought that I moved off and ran into the back of me, the bike was shot out from under me, I went up into the air and landed flat on my back. Besides from getting whip lass, having a stiff neck and back I'm ok.

    My bike was looking a bit sad though, she hit the rear wheel real hard, dented the underside of both mufflers, the LHS mirror broke, fairing damage etc. I got it towed to Mornington Honda for repairs. A police car went pass about twenty seconds after the accident, I waved them down but they couldn't attend and sent another car so at least a police report was done. The young girl said she was fully covered by insurance as I am so we'll see who pays.

    Anyway just thought I'd let you know, it shock me up a bit, it was the last thing in the world I expected to happen, being rear ended. I Hope the bike will be repaired back to normal, I feel that after a big hit it will never be the same. Mornington Honda assured me it would be fine. Another rider pulled over and helped me get the bike of the main rd. No one else stopped to be a witness or offer help, amazing.

    Well that's my news :) The Blackbird is out of action.

  2. bad luck mate, great to hear you are OK, and that the insurance situation should be OK.

    hope your back out there soon.
  3. Ouch, oh well at least you're okay. Yea it's quite funny right when the world stopped exploding you think about stuff that arn't quite important.

    When I had my off, sliding across the ground, still mounted on my bike, hearing the crunching scraping noise. Finally I come to a stop, the bike mangled over my right leg... "ah damn my poor fairings! Oh, and I can't move... hmm...." :LOL:
  4. Bugger mate. Glad to hear you are okay. I hope you are back on your bike real soon.

    :D :D
  5. Nasty one. Great to hear you're ok though - bikes can be mended more easily than flesh & bone.
  6. bummer! that really is the last thing you expect to happen. good to hear you're aok and that the insurance story should be a happy one!
  7. bad luck bud. good to hear you came through alright.
  8. What can I say, too many morons on the road these days.

    Glad you came out okay!
  9. Bad luck mate.. Hope you get back on the rd real soon.
  10. Lady luck seems to be a little on the bitchy side of late... not that i wanna piss her off; but i wish she could loosen up a little and let those who need it (us bikers) have a little more luck on our sides.

    Glad to hear your ok and got out of it without serious injury. I'm always fearful of cars not seeing my brake lights, hence i sit at traffic lights ready to zip out of the way.

    Hope the super-budgie gets fixed up good as new. I can understand your reservations as to that the frame/sub-frame might be a little skewiff after a big hit like that. I guess just gotta leave it up to the good folk at Hoondah to fix it up for you.
  11. hey bud, at least you're ok and still walking around...........

    Some luck on your side there. P plate girl stopped :) and a police report was done :) . It's a pretty chitty thing to say but "it could have been worse" (fair enough, could have been better too :wink: )

    I have a question regarding HER insurance. Will her insurance pay for a new helmet? If your jacket was ratsheet afterwards, would her insurance also play for a new jacket, draggin jeans (if you were wearing them and they got ripped to shreads), boots (if they're also phuckkt), gloves if they were ripped up etc?
  12. I think how it works is, if your insurance covers your gear, then your insurance will cover it, and they'll recover the costs from the other insurance.
  13. Hard luck sean . This is why i lanesplit at lights , fear of being rearended and sandwiched between 2 cars. I have an 04 bird and would be curious to know what your repairs cost . Keep us updated.
  14. What's covered would be dependant on the insurance company.

    My wife was a pillion passenger in this accident a week or so ago........


    The twit driver decided to attempt a u-turn in front of my mate as he was taking my wife for a spin on his new toy.

    Result..... One very stuffed ZX-10 (frame has buckled and split on both sides, but amazingly the forks are straight!). My mate suffered a broken nose after his headbutt into the side of the car pushed his helmet into his face. Jeanette was thrown over the car, did a somersault and landed on her feet!!

    Both helmets are being replaced by the driver's insurance company (Jeanette's lid has a broken chin vent we suspect was done on the back of the rider's lid on the way over the top).
  15. Unfortunately, this is all too common, especially at the 'turn left with care' intersections. Too many people concentrating on what's coming down the road that they are turning into not what's in front of them.
    Glad to hear you are alright and hope you and the bike mend and are back on the road as soon as possible.
  16. And Jeanette has now earned a place in the Olympic gymnastics team!
  17. Sorry to hear about the bike Sean, Glad you're ok!

    This may put her off the road for a while too as being a P plater it should cost her her licence!
  18. sorry to hear

    good to hear your ok

    you can charge your lawyers fees to the debtor but you can not enforce there recovery unless court proceedings are started.

    in my professional opinion (im a solicitor) it is her fault, you should notify your insurance company ASAP and get two independent repair quotes
  19. The application to Silvers Circus gets submitted this week.