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Another rider off but luckily not out

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by twainharte, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. from another forum: advrider

    Yesterday, 08:45 PM

    "...Hi all Craig aka Eight_Ace had a little off on the Thursday before christmas. He is lucky to be alive, just a few broken ribs, some internal bleeding, a slightly shortened finger and lot of bruising.

    He was atempting to ride to Vic for the hols but didnt make it past Brookton when the load on the back of the bike shifted and a jacket made its way to the back wheel causing it to lock up and sending him airborne at about 100ks.

    He was out of it for a few days and can't remember anything about the accident. He is still in RPH not too sure when he will be alowed out.

    I believe his Beemer held up well considering it travelled on its side for about 50mtrs before coming to a halt.

    He is still keen to get back on a bike for some more riding but it wont be for a few months..


    since the original post was deleted(shame, really), i'm reposting this as a 'public service', if you will, so as to highlight the importance of securing your items when travelling on a bike.

    ride safe.
  2. Sounds like he was lucky. Lesson learnt at least, I think I'll start securing my backpack properly.
  3. So long as the rider is on the mend, that is the main thing.

    Thanks for posting again twainharte.

    Public service doesn;t really cut it when some think that netrider is the only forum on the Internet :roll:

    Funny that one of the Forum Admin has OK'd other Forum links, and my guess is that the other one doesn't :? Next time try Click Here as opposed to the site link highlighting the other forum you posted.