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Another rider Killed by Hit & Run Driver (murdered?)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by incitatus, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. :shock: and i'm sharing the same air as these farkers? :evil: with any luck, they'll get nailed by something 5 times their weight in the next day or two..... absolutely farked :evil:
  2. scum. a guy ran into a mate of mines fathers parked car when i was at his house a couple of years ago and did a runner, unfortunately for him the front crash damage had broken his number plate off and left it lying at the scene of the crime :twisted:

    it's a pity it didn't happen in this case. :(
  3. strange story, missing a lot of detail no doubt about it.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong here. They left their own car and did a runner?

    Isn't this going to be fairly easy for the police to track them down?
  5. I very much doubt it was their car, probably stolen.
  6. News on tv said the ute was definitely stolen.
    This sort of scum don't deserve a life.
  7. similar thing happened to me. my parked car, another car reverses into mine, damages right door and front panel of mine, then does a runner.......lucky my mate was standing next to the car and got the plate number.....then get this.......we went to police station, reported it.....cop goes "u got plate/make of vehicle/colour no probs we'll get him". sits at computer types in details then says "sorry guys, no match".

    we were dumbfounded....what more details do you need? he says sorry fellas, can't get the guy for you.......so i went another police station who found it in less than 5 seconds. complaint was made about the first cop who calls me the next day with the drivers full details and can i be of anymore assistance, very helpful attitude which was completely different from day before. the busted corrupt copper most likely knew the driver.
  8. These people should be shot.
  9. y do they always happen in werribee-hoppers area?
    a bloke got killed out the front of my work on old geelong road only a couple of weeks ago
    i gotta try n get my liscence tomorrow and im gonna be riding in these areas if i get my liscence
  10. Shooting is too good for this scum, a life sentence of bloody hard labour and finacial support to the deceased's family.
  11. no doubt the blokes will get a slapped on the wrist
    people get away with murder even if they r caught with the bloodied knife standing over the body these days
  12. I'd prefer they get shot then get put inside an Australian jail...tennis courts...tv...no hard labour.

    We should have an agreement to send them away to some asian jail...now that would be good.
  13. very sad,i was involved a while ago in a hit run so feel for the family.
    hope they find the bloody f@**
  14. R.I.P to the rider
    the ones that did this will get theirs im sure of it
  15. Dunno if any of you saw it, but Nein News had it on tonight. It was particularly gut wrenching to see the fellow ID'ing his son then turn away as a woman, presumably the father's partner embraced him.

    You should never, ever, have to outlive your children.

    And yeah, the ute was stolen. Apparently witnesses saw the ute's two occupants argue following the crash and did a runner.

    We can only pray that the police assume, reasonably, that when they're arrested that they're armed and dangerous, and act accordingly.
  16. I do hope these perpetrators are caught. We have at least three well-publicised hit and run accidents in Sydney in the last few years and no-one has even been questioned about them.
    Around 5 years ago a little boy was killed in Kogarah. Despite huge publicity, no-one has been questioned.
    Around 8 years ago on Milperra Road a scum in truck ran a car off the road turning right into Henry Lawson Drive, and kept going. No-one's been questioned about that, despite there being a good description of the truck.
    Just two years ago a semi-trailer ran a station wagon off the road at the roadhouse at Pheasant's Nest, and killed two people, and he drive off. Someone is protecting these three murderers.
  17. Deepest respect to the rider and familiy and friends.

    Shooting them's too good for em, but if it's the only course of action, do it slowly, from the feet up. :evil:

    What's more more is the gov will see it as another statistic to justify levies.
  18. if only our safety levy was $100 p.a. not $50, surely the rider would still be with us today :roll:
  19. I definately do not mean Australian jails, I mean road gangs across the Simpson Desert and Nullabor