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QLD Another rider hit me - notifying insurer

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by whatisk, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. Was on a group ride earlier this morning. Pulled up at an intersection and one of the other riders in the group thought I was going to continue and so accelerated and hit the side of the bike doing some damage to the pillion peg and sub-frame.
    Stupid question here: They are going to go through their insurance, so do I need to notify my insurer of the accident? When a similar thing happened with my car (not at fault, other party went through their insurer), I contacted my insurer and they weren't interested as it was going through the other party's insurance.

    Cheers all.

  2. Provided that you are sure that the other rider is insured, then my answer would be no as the other insurer will take care of it.
  3. I would at least let them know what happened so you have it on record. The payment side of things will be dealt with accordingly.
  4. Thanks all. Other rider is definitely insured (we are both with QBE). They're calling them now to notify them.
  5. probably a good idea to let them know - even if you aren't at fault in a car accident you still need to notify your insurer - would assume it is the same for bikes
  6. Just to back up PeonyPeony , as per the lagal aid website, Most insurance policies say that you have to notify the insurer of any accident. This is called a ‘duty of disclosure’.
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  7. No worries. I'll give them a call. If they want to know about it guess I'll find out soon enough.
  8. Just record it with the popo don't let your insurer know anything that gives reason to increase insurance or lower future claims.
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  9. I'd vote for tell them. I had someone run up the back of me in my car (not at fault claim), I told my bike insurer at renewal time, they noted it but the premium did not change.
  10. Seriously??????
    Some of the advice is silly.
    It's quite simple. Other party has admitted fault, You are both with the same insurer he has gone with the insurer.
    If for your own piece of mind you want to let your insurer know that's fine at least they have it on record if it goes pear shaped for some weird reason. HOWEVER since you are both with QBE then it's not in qbe's interest to claim against itself is it?
    You do NOT need a police report, thats just overkill and the police won't give a shit unless someone was hurt and then there may even be infringements given.
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  11. As above, don't waste Police resources reporting and incident that no one was injured in. I would bother notifying your insurer, sounds like the other person is doing the right thing.
    If it happens to go pear shape, then report it and you have 7 years to do so.
  12. Hey whatiskwhatisk how did you get on after the ride? Have you had the damage assessed? The fairing had some damage too from memory?
  13. My mistake police have much better use of their time like booking people a few km.over the limit.

    Silly me.
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    It is your responsibility to notify your insurer of ANY incident involving the property they have insured regardless of fault. This is a requirement of most insurers and I'd suggest you contact them. they cannot increase your premium for a claim unless you are at fault, you cannot be degraded in regards to your no claim discount unless you are at fault but you do need to inform them regardless of if you are at fault or not and also regardless of if they are the same insurer as the at fault party.

    You can thank my wife for the info - she works in insurance!


    Clearly this was sorted a while ago but my above post is purely for future reference for those needing the answer