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Another Rider Down :-(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Iffracem, May 3, 2005.

  1. Elizabeth St. Hobart yesterday, just around the corner from my work.

    Not sure of the details but it seems a flat bed truck was reversing out of the Salvo's driveway into the street, rider hit the truck tray and died. (instantly they guess).

    Couple of blokes from work were walking back from a course, they saw the results, one was very shaken by what he saw. Road was still closed 2 hours later.

    Personally I don't know how you could not see a truck halfway across the road and reversing in a 60 zone, good conditions, good light.
    But I wasn't there, so I guess I shouldn't speculate.

    My sincere condolences to family and friends, and sympathy to the truck driver, who it seems did nothing wrong.

    Please be safe people, I don't like it when people get hurt or die needlessly, my heart goes out to the parents/spouse/kids/spouse etc

  2. Update

    From the Misery... umm Mercury, our local excuse for a paper....

    Bike smash claims rider
    A MOTORCYCLIST died after a horrific accident in Hobart yesterday.
    The male motorcyclist was travelling north along Elizabeth St, between Brisbane and Patrick streets, when he collided with a flat-tray truck about 3.30pm.
    The male motorcyclist hit the tray of the truck which was reversing into a driveway between Forty Winks and The Royal Guide Dogs Association.
    Glass and wreckage from the motorcycle were scattered along the road and the front wheel of the bike was 20m further up the road.
    The section of road was closed to all traffic while Tasmania Police and accident investigators examined the scene.
    The road was reopened to traffic about 5.15pm.
    Tasmania Police inspector Lee Renshaw said officers were examining the crash.
    "All we know at this stage is the bike was travelling north on Elizabeth St and the truck was in the process of reversing and the motorbike has collided with the truck," he said.
    The driver of the truck was treated for shock. The death comes after Tasmania recorded a fatality-free month during April.
    Ten people have died on the state's road so far this year, compared with 23 last year.

    A picture in the paper showed a set of forks, complete with wheel, cleanly severed at the bottom of the triple clamp lying on the road about 20 metres up the road. The truck was reversing into a driveway (not out of one as I was originally told), and at the time was completely across the road at 90 degrees to the footpath. It was a fairly big tray truck, stacked with boxes etc.

    What speed do you reckon it would take to sever the forks off a bike? Looks like the forks continued on under the truck, the rest of bike and rider came to a sudden stop.

    BTW at least three of those 10 deaths this year were motorcyclists, not good figures.

    Again, condolences to family and friends

  3. Not good, dude, not good at all. The guy can't have been paying very much attention to fail to see a big fugg off truck in the middle of the road. Quite possibly he was speeding also or maybe he just didn't hit the brakes and that's why his front wheel went so far. Jesus, please be careful out there everyone
  4. I've seen a CBR250RR sever it's forks from an estimated impact speed of 60kph. The front wheel didn't end up too far from the rest of the bike (or curb that caused the impact for that matter)
  5. This year bikes are definately over represented in accident stats....What IS going on???????

    Sounds like to rider was off with the faires - no idea how you can not see a truck doing that! But who knows - I wasn't there....

  6. Condolences to all the family of both the rider and the truck driver and his/her family in this case.....

    I may be completely wrong here, but it seems to me that the media makes so much more of motorcycle accidents than car accidents. And friends and relatives always seem to notice them more, and make sure we hear about it!!
  7. amen to that capri. my family, extended family, friends, not friends, enemies and anyone else who cares do not fail to tell me about every motorcycle accident they hear about. i often hear three reports of the same accident. fair enough they're worried, but damn i won't have any brain space left for school stuff after i remember all the accidents!
    condolences to the family of course and i feel sorry for the rider. when i was in hobart earlier in the year it felt like such a nice calm place where things like that don't happen. and people will always think he was in the wrong too since it seems that way at first glance. either way, a rider went down and that ISN'T good. :cry:
  8. In a "six degrees of separation" theme, I didn't actually know this guy but his brother is a family friend who I see at Christmas each year. I think the guy was in his early 40's and had a wife and kids. Not sure how long he had been on two wheels.

    There but for the grace of God.... One less number of our ranks. :(
  9. In most cases it's pure statistics. if there is a large representation on road ,of a certain bike(s) it has more chance of being involved in an accident. Bike sales are up - so are the stats unfortunately.

    cheers Michael
  10. Got some info from a guy who works in the health dept.

    It's anecdotal, but seems they believe he had... umm "a fatalistic outlook on life" at the time, death didn't concern him, in fact he appeared to want it. (you might no more about that techno) Also mentioned that they claim they had to dig the speedo out of his chest during the autopsy, to see if it had stuck on the "terminal speed"

    Anyways, it's not good. Not good at all.

    Only positive is that no polly or beaurocrat down here is screaming about introducing knee jerk legislation (so far). One of the benefits of being in Tas.