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Another rider down - Melb

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    I found out from my bf that Gixxersrule/Paul was in an accident on his bike yesterday. He has broken both wrists and has a fractured hip. His gf says he is in high spirits and doing well considering his state & he's been given approx 10 weeks recovery by the doctors. The only details of the accident I have are that a car crashed into him, he went over a car and ended up hitting a cement barrier. Apart from that Im not sure what room he is in or what state the bike is in etc. My bf will be going in to see him tomorrow so I'll let you know more when I hear it.

    Speedy recovery Paul.
  2. Fark, all the best
  3. :eek:

    Hope he is ok and the injuries to both himself and that beautiful gixxer aren't too bad, although two broken wrists doesn't sound too good :(
  4. This really worries me - about 3 times a week we get a post "**** rider down". This is worrying me!
  5. best wishes for a speedy recovery
  6. Jeez that's rotten news. :cry:

    I hope he's feeling okay given the circumstances, and here's to a full and fast recovery.
  7. I think this guy is banned for one reason or another? but as i am not a paid up member, if i was riding by myself and had a crash, would that mean another netrider fell off, cos i post here a lot? no. Is gixxerule a paid up member?

    Its a little unfair on netrider that people like me who use the forum and contact people through it may get grouped into the crashed netriders group, when really i aint a paid up netrider or even on a netrider ride.
  8. Why they don't allow bike riders to carry guns for self defense is beyond me. Nothing like a bullet through the window to say "wake up fcukwit."
  9. not sure what you are trying to get at, but i think the perivous point that was made, was in regards to how many people have come off atm.... it's jsut not nice to see these type of posts, whether they are a netrider or just another motorcyclist :)
  10. Bad luck Paul, I hope this doesn't bugger up your racing ambitions.

    I don't think it matters who's paid up, who's banned or whatever. Paul's well known to a lot of people here.

    With a pool of 4,000 or however many signups this site has, you're going to hear about a lot of crashes - it's also because there's a lot of goodwill among the members here and most people want to show they're thinking of the guys that get injured or put off the road.

    If Netriders get a reputation for munting it more than other groups, big deal. We've got a lot of learners and newbies on board and while that's a positive thing, and there's a lot of good advice going around to help address it, people tend to fall over when they're learning. Fact of life.

    It's up to everyone individually to look after themselves on the road.
  11. I fail to see what peoples status on here is or even if they are banned has anything to do with this topic. Even if they havent been on this site ever, the fact a rider crashed applies. The bloke was worried about crash posts and not that netriders were crashing! Can you read?
    Anyway all the best to Paul for a speedy recovery!!
  12. I am lost of what you are talking about, i think you have misread my message. As a prospective purchaser of a bike - it worries me that so many people would have an accident. (eg 3 in a week). It makes me reconsider if i should actually get a motorbike and not a (huff) car.
  13. Fair enough :) There were some comments in another thread about Netriders coming offf more than other gorups, and i was wondering, out loud, whether this was because of the way many non mebers are included in rides etc...?
  14. Mate, you should be under no illusions - motorcycle crashes are a fact of life, most riders have them - usually minor drops and slides, but they generally have more severe repercussions than car accidents. Don't kid yourself, you can get hurt.

    Having said that, you can minimise your risks through good roadcraft, developing your machine control skills, wearing the right gear, staying sober and a bunch of other things. And although there are certainly risks, and everyone's well aware of them, we keep riding anyway because we LOVE it.
  15. ooooo two broken wrists :shock:
    Betchya he wont be using chopsticks anytime soon :bolt:

    Best wishes bud, hope it all heals up properly.

    ANd thanks for the info gixerchick, please keep us updated.

  16. Yeah, i see your point of view. I most certainly like the idea of a motorbike (for all different reasons) but im just worried that i will be sitting on a "grenade" with the pin pulled :shock: . Obvously i dont want to die young lol :wink:
  17. Not good to hear - wishing Paul a quick recovery.
    If he's in the Alfred will keep an eye out whilst visiting another NetRider who's in for a while :)
  18. Not good to hear...hope he heals quickly.

    I think we are having so many rider down posts because there are just so many more bikes on the road now, even compared to 12 months ago. I remember reading the % increase in motorbike road users recently but can't remember where :roll:

    More road traffic = more accidents :cry:
  19. Plus it's the end of summer and most riders are out riding as much as they possibly can before the bad weather sets in.
  20. I agree with cruisergal but also don't forget there are a lot more people commuting to and from work here than you find on the Saturday & Sunday weekend warrior sites out there.

    Commuters are exposed to more traffic (especially when lane splitting [gee lets ban splitting :p ] than someone driving up and down the spurs so have a greater risk of colliding with something.