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Another rider Down & Bike missing!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Brian26146, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. Hi all

    Just heard on local (Gipps) news a rider was killed Sat night.

    It occured cnr Monash and Jumbuk Rds Yinnar.
    The rider was found lying in the ditch alongside the road some time later.
    However the bike is missing.

    Looks like someone came accross a bike on the side of the road and took it.

    Probably did not realise ther was a dead (May not have been dead at the time) rider lying nearby in the ditch.

    The bike is a Blue Yammy WR250.

    Police appealing for help.

    Sad to hear another one down.

    Vale. To his family, my commiserations.


  2. condollences to his family.

    very strange that is, is that intersection a busy one???
  3. We had a murder mystery bike ride on the day and some of our riders came across the woman out walking who found him :( and had to call the ambo's n police. Was kinda a huge shock making it worse were the rumours rider down etc when we had about 45 bikes out there. His wallet etc was on the road still, with signs of where the bike stacked :(:( Its unbelievable to think someone stole the bike after the accident :(:(:(
  4. reply

    The intersect is fairly open.

    Sound like GSXar might know more. I only heard the news story.

    If he stacked at night the wallet may not have been seen when the bike was removed. If it was in daylight and they saw the wallet, then taking the bike falls into the bastard class.

    Have to wait till more is Known.

    Hey GSXar, what ride was that?? Was it on Sat??

  5. I heard of something like this happening in melbourne... ow about 6 years ago... A guy got knocked off his bike ended up in a dich where he drowned... the bike was never to be found.. Dont know if it just a urban myth thing.... But one thing is for shoure when I had my tbone and come back two days later my bike was striped of some parts :(
  6. Yep Brian was on Saturday, was posted in events but then went missing.
    A wallet and shoes was on the road, even being dark, they saw the bike and stole it, which was apparantly 50m in other directiion. So you think they would have looked for a rider.
    My opinion u see a bike is down and stacked, even if u carnt find the rider wouldnt u ring the police? report it. From the news last night the search is still on for who ever took the bike. Hope there shitting themselves and have the book thrown at them when caught, the rider was only 21 :(
  7. Damn not only a fatality but to have the bike taken away like that, it’s just wrong. :cry:

    It might also depend on what caused the off, say a motorist wasn’t paying attention as usual ran the red, they may have taken the bike so they wouldn’t be linked to the accident?.

    Or it could just be some scum who decided to get themselves a new bike, in either case they deserve more then the book thrown at them.

    Condolences to the family in this most tragic time.

  8. Just a thought - Could the rider have actually been a pillion? The real rider stacking and then going back to the bike and riding off (perhaps in shock or even DUI)? and leaving the pillion down the road...?

    I dont know details of the case, but thought that may have been a possibility.
  9. Man, if the bike was stolen, that is the lowest of the low.
  10. OMG. That is low low low. How could anybody do that? If I saw a bike on the side of the raod I would be looking everywhere for the rider.

  11. We'd be looking for the rider as we're riders.

    Cager driving down the road, sees a scruffed up bike, no-one around. Might just decide to take it. He's scum, but not the lowest of the low.

    Cager driving around, sees hurt rider, steals his bike and doesn't stop, now that is complete and utter scum.
  12. Jimi has got his computer switched on.
    Although from original news story the bike was initially found in the paddock by the farmer who rang for help although was missing when police arrived.
  13. reply

    Hey Gsxar, wish I had known of the ride. I sat at home giving myself the shits doing nothing.

    On Sun I went for a ride and it turned out pure shit, the ride not the weather. You would not believe. I honestly wished i had not started the bike it was that bad. No spill or anything like that.

    The news says the rider went out Sat am. Cops still looking for bike.

    Could have been kids, they would not watch the news. Might have been arseholes and keeping quiet. Could have been someone who saw the bike and saw opportunity without seeing the rider who was in a ditch. They may not have seen the wallet etc.

    Appears the lad had a family too. Sad.

    Would like to know how it happened. Did a car or another bike sacre him into a fall? Did he overcook the corner and fall, break neck or something. Might have had a heart attack or something, who knows at the moment.

    I'll keep an eye out on the news and report whatever I see.

    I'll keep an eye out fot the next ride down here too.


  14. Callous bike thief ignored dead rider
    Holly Lloyd-McDonald

    A THIEF who stole a motorbike involved in a fatal accident would have walked past the dead rider's body to steal it, a policeman said.

    Chris Cowton, 21, from Morwell died riding his Yamaha WR250 early last Saturday.

    It is believed he failed to stop at an intersection on Jumbuk Rd, about 2km south of Yinnar, near Churchill in the state's southeast.

    Mr Cowton hit a gutter and was propelled from the bike, which continued along Monash Way and into a paddock. A resident told police they noticed the bike in the paddock about 7am.

    Mr Cowton's body was found in the ditch eight hours later. When police arrived the bike was gone.

    Sgt Peter Allan from Churchill police said the bike was stolen from the paddock before 10am.

    Sgt Allan said the thief could not have missed Mr Cowton's body, which was only metres away.

    "To get to the bike, the person who stole it had to open the gate and would not have missed his body laying there," he said.

    Sgt Allan said the bike would have extensive damage.

    Mr Cowton was an award-winning footballer for Morwell East in the Mid Gippsland Football League.

    Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or Churchill police on 5122 1790.

    :cry: I can't actually comprehend the idea of someone walking past an injured/deceased person to steal their bike, I can't think of a more horrible thing to do.
  15. news article in the local paper mentioned a female pillion passenger was taken to hospital with serious injuries. What do you make of this. There was no mention of a missing bike.

    my sympathies to relatives and friends.

    it is a tragedy to lose someone so young, and then to be robbed after death.

    what is wrong with the people in this world?.....
  16. Please help with Stolen Bike

    A motorcycle was stolen on the morning of Saturday 23rd April from the scene of an accident in Yinnar, Morwell district in Victoria. The rider involved in the accident was killed and was found in a ditch not far from the scene.

    The bike was stolen from the scene before the rider was found and the accident reported. The bike is a Yamaha WR250, blue trail bike, rego CY560. VIN #J33E0015534.

    Any information would be appreciated and should be passed to Churchill police on 5112-1790 or call Crime Stoppers on 1800-333-000
  17. reply

    Hi all.

    I found this in the local rag today.

    ' Headlined' " Callous bike thief ignored dead rider"

    Paragraph. "A theif who stole a motorbike involved in a fatal accident would have walked past the dead rider's body to steal it, a policeman said."

    Chris Cowton, 21, from Morwell was the rider-.

    It is believed he failed to stop at an intersection -

    He hit a gutter and was propelled from the bike which continued along Monash Way (That is the road from Morwell to Boolarra) and into a paddock. --

    Sgt Allen said "To get to the bike, the person who stole it had to open the gate and would not have missed his body lying there"

    Any info to Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000
    Churchill Police 03-5122 1790

    Looks like he was coming out of Dumbalk Rd and went into the intersect too hot. Shame that he has lost his life, and his family their husband/father/brother/son.

  18. Derek did you edit your post ?

    not the same as I thought the first time I saw it
  19. Yeah I did, but lets not go into that on this thread as it will go off topic.