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another rider down (and up again) - josh

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by josh909, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. left work early today and as per usual was riding home down euston road alexandria. traffic was heavy(ish) and as i rode past 'flywheels' (doing about 40km/h) which had a brand spanking new R1 parked out the front i turned to take a better look.

    looked back in front only to find myself rapidly heading towards the back of a van with only a couple of metres to spare. usual story - i panicked and grabbed a handful of front brake. proceeded to do a massive stoppie, back nearly went over but came down and i overbalanced, and the bike and i went down. the car behind me screeched and missed us both by about 2 feet :shock:

    to the guy who came over from the bike shop and said it was the biggest stoppie he had ever seen and that i was a 'sik stunter'... thanks for making me laugh :LOL:

    to the courier who drove between me and the bike to get past while we were on the ground (with inches to spare)... screw you. :evil:

    did a quick check of myself, got up and rode the bike into the nearby sidestreet. checked the bike - no damage whatsoever apart from a bent gear lever. much thanks to the lady who pulled in and asked me if i was alright and if i needed a lift or anything. :)

    i was wearing my leather jacket,draggins and sidi boots. i'm thinking the boots saved me from doing my ankle so i'm cheering about that. :grin:

    moral to the story? don't be distracted whether it's a chick or a bike :LOL:
  2. Glad to hear everything is ok, it's sometimes hard to not look when there is something that catches your eye like that.