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Another rider down about 6:30 pm

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lordtb, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. I just went past a nasty T-bone on Frankston Dandenong Rd @ Frankston North... it looks like some one puled out in front of the bike... Mast have happened no more than 20min b4 I was there as the Ambulance people were hard at work on the rider... Hope he makes it... I think I have seen the bike and rider riding around the neighbourhood...

  2. Very sad....

    I hope he's alright
  3. man hope they are ok.. thoughts are with them and family..
  4. never good to hear. hope he/shes sallright :cry:
  5. Not good. I hope the rider is ok.

  6. jeez louise - hope he pulls through. :(
  7. Its happening way too much lately..an 89yr old on a scooter was taken out by a cage up here 2 days ago. Unfortunately he died at the scene.

    Please.. everyone take care out there.
  8. Lordy bee, we're dropping like flys at the moment!

    Take care out there peoples! Leaving on a bike and coming back in a box is not the way to go!

    Hope the rider is okay.

  9. Hope the rider is okay.
  10. Not the news I want to read. Hope he/she is OK.
    Any idea what sort of bike it is/was?
  11. nothing in todays paper
    so hopefully thats a good sign....
  12. Not good news at any time, rider is in my prayers!