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Another refugee from U.C.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by CrazyCam, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Hi folks.

    I am another refugee from the Ulysses Club.

    Yes, another disgraceful Old Fart.

    I'm in Beecroft, the NSW one, ride most weekdays and the odd weekend.

    Currently ride either the BMW R850R, the Triumph Street Triple or the Honda Z50.

  2. Aus.motorcycles refugeee more like
  3. In a sense, I suppose you are right there.

    But, while aus.moto seems to be dying of old age, the U.C. Forum seems to have been deliberately crippled.

  4. G'day from another old fart, few of us around here.
  5. Welcome Cam I remember your posts on our favourite newsgroup.
  6. Friend or foe ?
  7. always a friend
  8. So,he's got more than half a clue then ?
  9. Hi CrazyCam, long time no chat :)

    There are a few aus.motorcycles denizens lurking around here.

    GeoffSan (G-S)
  10. Mate .. he has forgotten more than you will ever know.

    Hello Mr Cam ...

    Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.
  11. You may have to stay a while for...processing!
    Welcome to the other side!

  12. Do we have a blushing furiously smilie?

    Thanks for those kind words, Fractalz.

    Would I recognise you under a different nome de plume?
  13. Hi GeoffSan.

    I guess over the years a good number would have moved over here.

    IIRC, smee was more or less one of the founders of NR, wasn't he?

    It's nice to see familiar names and actually know some of the folk when you come into a new place.

    Thanks for all the welcome messages.
  14. Welcome to Netrider

    I'm well old enough to be a Ulysses member, and never have been, but it's sad to see bad reports coming here about what's happening over there...
  15. i dunno... we met a scooter rider at healsville last sunday that seemed pretty keen to meet the UC guys.... maybe that could be a growth market for them?
  16. It depends upon which 'netrider' you're talking about, Netrider the website or Netrider the email mailing list.

    I was a moderator of the Netrider email mailing list for organizing Melbourne rides which was up and running some time before the forum was running. I wasn't actually involved in setting the forum up though nor was I a moderator when it first started.

    Smee... umm not sure when he arrived, memory failure... it's probably my subconcious trying to block out scary images :demon:
  17. ..... 2003 when Netrider was a Yahoo newsgroup, I remember it being said

    Having said THAT, there was a major crash many years ago and some people's history with Netrider was wiped out, so it may be even earlier than thast....
  18. I was one of the founding members when it was an email group with yahoo, and then became the 23rd member when it became a forum but didn't get really into forum life till 04 or 05, memory is hazy