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(Another) Red Line Runner

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by spawn, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Yesterday, travelling back (in the scorching heat) from the hills I stopped at a red light on East Boundary Rd and the intersection with Centre Rd. Traffic for Centre Rd turned green, then red, then the right turn lights for East Boundary Rd went green at which point a 'P' plater driving a common-whore screamed into the intersection nearly cleaning up a turning car but luckily managed to screech to a halt in time. He then waved the turning driver through (how nice!) and then took off again. I wish I'd gotten his plate (although I don't think it would help - can one call it in?)

    Anyway, moral of the story, always check before pulling away. I am in the habit of always checking before pulling off but that's usually only immediately after a light change. In this case, the light was red for this ******** for quite some time so it can happen at any time. Same applies for approaching a green light, it's harder to do but try to look left and right as you approach.

    I hope Karma catches up with this ******** before he hurts someone.
  2. I had a very similar situation although this time it involved a truck which did not stop at all, blew past a metre or too in front of me.

    Glad you wern't in the path of danger when this retard was on the loose!
  3. Nearly got cleaned up a couple of weeks ago coming through a green light about 5-6 seconds after it turned green.
    Car flew through the intersection barely missing 3 cars and me (couldn't see it as next to me was a 4wd, and he didn't see the car coming through). It was green for at least 5 seconds, which means red for him for about 7 seconds.

    Glad you're ok!
  4. Traffic lights are for cagers, the day I trust my life to a traffic light is the day i die.
  5. I am sure that is much appreciated in your house
  6. <applause>=D&gt;
  7. Back in my day (last year) I was driving thru mosman around 10pm... Anyone who knows the area knows the place crawls with high patrol guys waiting to bust down the bored and desperate housewives of the area in their psuedo-challenger tanks. Sitting at the lights near mosman high, for some time, too, P plater with car full of friends blasts through on the inside lane at probably 80km/h only to stop about 200m down the road near the pub.

    God i hate p-platers, moreso as I am one and have that stupid friggin stigma attached to me.
  8. Lol well played
  9. What's the most sensitive part of spawn's body while he's masturbating?
    His ears...
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