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Another reason to hate mobile phones

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by fran_e, Dec 30, 2008.

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  2. A bit OT, but I dislike mobile phones. :twisted:

    If I did'nt need one for work I'd throw mine against the fence and then do this to it.... violent.

    Happy Days.....
  3. They still never told me how long for the roast either, it was bloody ruined
  4. I love my phone, couldn't imagine going back to the old ways of fixed phones.

    Technology is like a warm fuzzy pillow :grin:
  5. i cant let go of my iPhone... its bad

    whether im playing games, looking at photos, checking emails, browsing the web, watching movies, listening to music...

    the list goes on and with the app store offering 397232834 more apps, its a bloody addiction

    iPhone-a-holics anonymous here i come...
  6. I think thats just proof right there that we need much more bleech in the human gene pool. :evil:
  7. haha Queenslanders, that shocken! :LOL: :grin:

  8. They missed their opportunity to mention the Police attendance number you call when it isn't a life-threatening emergency. That might go a long way to stopping people calling 000 who want the Police to turn up but don't know that there is a number other than 000.
  9. +1

    But I think it would be even better if they ever actually answered calls to the non-emergency number occasionally. That way, people might not become frustrated enough to call 000 anyway as the only means of getting any response.
  10. Thats very amusing, last time I rang the police they were not interested in turning up since it wasnt life threatening despite my pointing out that an accident had occurred and someone was at least deserving of a neg driving charge - not me obviously.

    What is the number? I would like to try it next time, maybe they will be more helpful than the local copshop. The advice given to me after the accident is to pretend to be injured so an ambulance has to come then the cops MUST show up, but I'm a bit reluctant to tie up an ambulance if I dont really need it.
  11. 131444.
  12. Thanks for that number Geg.

    I was actually surprised to read that 000 was for life threatening, time critical emergencies only. I honestly thought that's what you rang if you required the attendance of emergency services, regardless of 'life threatening' or not.

    I used 000 to get police attendence after a VERY drunk driver rear ended me in a non-casualty crash.

    131444 is now in my phone.

    And back to the OP, I love mobile phones, see above for my reasons why. :grin:
  13. That's interesting. Maybe it is just an NSW thing, because the Victorian Police site contact page doesn't mention any central phone number except 000, which it does say is for emergencies, but not specifically life threatening, time critical emergencies. The number 131444 isn't found in a search of the site.

    In fact the Victoria Police say you should call 000 when, for example:

    . any suspected offence in progress, being witnessed or just committed
    . any situation where life or injury is threatened
    . motor vehicle accident where persons are injured
    . air, rail or water accident
    . any event which might cause danger to persons or property
    . explosion or bomb incident/threat
    . a disturbance or breach of the peace, for example domestic violence incident or anti-social behaviour.

    The other states I checked also said call 000.

    I'll be calling 000 if I need Police, Fire or Ambulance, unless it is an inquiry of a general nature, and I have timet to look up the correct number.

    The original article was about the Queensland 000 number. They define when to call 000 this way. Maybe the comments above should be clarified as state specific.
  14. I did a quick search before posting and it came up on a couple of Police websites - NSW, SA included. There were also a series of ads a year or two ago to address this very issue. It makes sense that they would want you to call 000 in those instances listed because they are, or have the potential to become, life-threatening situations. They probably don't want people making a judgement call if there is any doubt whatsoever.

    In the incident I had where a tub of glue flew of the back of a trailer and hit my bike, I called 131444 because the glue had splashed all over the road and was causing property damage to all the cars driving through it. Of course, as I was calling, the dick in the ute threatened to thump me for calling the cops which almost made it a 000 call.
  15. Victoria used to have a non-urgent phone number, but it is my understanding that this was canned. Something to do with people not being very good at judging wether there's was a life threatening emergency or not. Now they just want everyone to call 000 for any police job and the calltaker will sort it out.

    Oh, and calling the local station is really only useful if you want to talk to a particular person or follow up on something old.

    If you phone any kind of job through to the local station they will just write down what you say and then ring 000 themselves and pass it on. Needless to say this takes extra time and ties up the watch house keeper who also has a front counter full of people to deal with. It's not like Mount Thomas, the local station does not as a rule talk to the van on the road, it all goes via the despatcher in the city.
  16. Thanks Bart. That clarifies things.
  17. Folks - 131 444 is for the Police Assistance Line in NSW ONLY. It links you to either PAL Tuggerah or PAL Lithgow. It is for reporting crimes where there is no chance of an offender being caught straight away. i.e. you come home from holidays & find your house broken into, or you wake up to find someone has ripped your letterbox out of the ground etc etc. PAL can arrange for local Police to attend if something needs follow up and they arrange for fingerprint technicians to attend where needed. You can also report minor accidents to them where no one is injured, the vehicles involved are driveable and there is no damage to any property other than the vehicles involved. They will give you an Event number which you can quote to your insurance company as proof you have reported the incident. Please DO NOT try to ring 131444 from Victoria as it will be for nought.
  18. In NSW, if no one is injured, the vehicles are driveable, the drivers have exchanged particulars and there is no damage to property other than the vehicles involved, then Police DO NOT have to attend. It is a Self Reporting accident (P5) which you can report to the Police Assistance Line on 131444 or at your local Police station within 24 hours. This is to prevent Police being tied up at every little tin pot bingle on our roads.