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Another Radioactive thread..Don't Panic

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TheBlokeAtNumber27, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    A shipment of cars from Japan will be screened by Australia's nuclear safety watchdog for contamination when it docks south of Sydney later this week.


    And this link from the FDA in the USA.
    They seem more concerned with contaminated food and cosmetics.


    And from Egypt..

    Egypt will immediately withdraw the shipping licenses of maritime agents who import radioactive cargo, the Red Sea Port Authority said on Sunday.

    The authority's head, Abdel Qader Gab Allah, said the move come as part of new measures to stop radioactive containers entering seaports of Suez, the Red Sea, and South Sinai.

    For the second time in less than one month, Egyptian authorities on Sunday discovered radioactive shipments from Japan at Ain Sokhna seaport in Suez.

    Gab Allah told reporters that legal procedures have been taken against the agents who imported four radioactive containers from Japan, and they have now received warnings.

    He added that two containers will leave Egyptian ports on Sunday to return to Japan, and that the other two were returned last week.

    Last month, three other shipments were detected with equipment containing radioactivity greater than the permitted limit.

    Several countries have imposed a ban on imports from Japan, fearing the effects of a series of failures at its Fukushima nuclear reactor, which resulted from a 9.0 magnitude earthquake that hit the country in March.

    Egypt’s ministries of agriculture and health adopted similar measures earlier this year.

  2. My watch is radioactive, I'm not concerned.
  3. ˙ɯɹɐɥ ʎuɐ ǝɯ ǝuop ʇ,usɐɥ ʇı puɐ sɹɐǝʎ ɹoɟ ʎʇıʌıʇɔɐoıpɐɹ oʇ pǝsodxǝ uǝǝq ǝʌ,I
  4. From the first article linked above:
    In other news, everyone absorbs radiation every day. We'd die without it.
    You current motorcycle is radioactive, your car is radioactive, The ground is radioactive,
    but the media sure does love when peple run about panicking.
  5. What levels of radiation would they be looking for?
  6. Hey, don't get me wrong. I love a good media panic as much as anyone. God knows I loved SARS, 2YK was fantastic, I thought we're all going to die with bird flu, swine flu was great and the doctor says I can start eating bacon as soon as the electro shock therapy treatment is finished and I'm still alert but not alarmed.
    But if I had a choice between a radioactive car and a non radioactive car, I'd be buying the non radioactive model because I've grown rather attached to my genitals, I like having hair on my head and the thought of having deformed kiddies is a bit yucky.
    Always remember that just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean that I'm wrong.

    Don't panic and always believe what your government tells you.

  7. Fun topic but not even close to GENERAL MOTORCYCLE DISCUSSION?

    Thread moved.
  8. Re: {Moved from General} Another Radioactive thread..Don't Panic

    Sorry, I should have made the link a touch more obvious.
    The thread followed a thread regarding potentialy radioactive cars and bikes from Japan.
    Seeing that approx 75% of all bikes in Australia originate from Japan I thought that, albeit tongue in cheek, I should raise the issue for discussion.
    I do apologise and next time I promise to say the word "bike/motorcycle" serveral times to avoid any confusion. :) :) :)

    Following are some import figures from last year.
    In the six months to the end of June, 50,379 motorcycles were delivered to Australian customers,
    Japanese manufacturers continue to dominate sales
    Honda was the number one brand, delivering 10,424 motorcycles to the end of June.Yamaha was in second position to the end of June with 9349 sales, followed by Suzuki (6333) and Kawasaki (4882). Total..30,988.

  9. Don't make the mistake of assuming that a Japanese brand manufactures exclusively in Japan though.