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Another racing tragic

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Craigh, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Hi all after trying to ignore bikes for the last 15 years all the stuff on you tube has me hooked again.

    Did some road racing mainly in NSW in the '80's and had some wierd versions of tz yamaha's - would be good to catch up with whats happened to some of the old TZ's and thier riders,
    Craig Harwood


  2. Almost tempted to put one of the old bikes togther again but went to e creek at easter and watched a couple of guys fall off, don't think my body could take it these days
  3. remember you could buy a TZ for $3,500 with the spares kit? Nowdays that wouldn't buy a replacement top end :LOL:.
  4. True but back then I couldn't afford 3,500 either. somehow I never had enough money to buy a new TZ until I stopped racing and didn't want it anymore - go figure :eek:
  5. Dude did I see you out there a TZ500?
  6. that would be right, we got a 500 engine put it in a spondon frame and eventualy modified the engine to run late model 250 cylinders. Should have been a rocket but we never got the whole thing sorted with the late model cylinders. If I had my time again I'd do it a bit differently.

    I had a series of modified TZ's some of them went really well, but that one never performed to its potential.
  7. welcome back to the fun club :)
  8. Ha! I can relate to that; some of the projects I taken on over the years, hind-sight is an awesome thing, I guess we all learned from our cock-ups :)
  9. Yep hind site - someone probably told me about that but I think I was too young and stupid to take it in so I had to learn the hard way. Problem is there is only one cure for being young.

    I might start a thread on wierd bike projects
  10. Please do, I have some fine photos of Lyell Williamson's home-brew Yamaha Square-Four!!!
  11. I have a few pictures of the Hinton 500cc triple as well.
  12. new thread

    I've just started a new thread in the race and track days section called Home Grown and Modified. listed my mad schemes their and a photo of the 500.

    look forward to seeing photos of the others
  13. Come on Paul, you coulda found some pics of an RZ500 with chambers couldn't you?
  14. Welcome aboard Craig !
  15. Re: new thread

    Found a photo of the Britten V1000 from NZ when they came over for bathurst in 93 anyone remember that, it was a work of art. Will scan and post it to the home grown and modified thread this evening
  16. Craig, MVRog, who's the Moderator of the Racing Forum, is a Britten tragic, you should talk to him :).

    Johnny, I know what you mean, but that's the bike as it came to Paul's workshop, not as he'd like it to be :LOL: