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Another R1 stolen - $2000 reward

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Johnny O, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. My R1 was stolen a long time ago, it wasn't insured so I'm still hurting. Maybe after this long period of time the thieves may be a little more relaxed and it might surface?

    It's the first '98 model that was originally white with red panels but all the red parts were recoloured blue (including the seat & decals), I have never seen another bike painted like this.

    It was stolen off the footpath at night in St kilda while it was pouring with rain.

    *VIN no: JYARN0158WA000295
    *Eng no: N501E10380
    *Vic reg no: AD 280
    *Ohlins rear shock with Whitepower spring
    *Megacycle oval muffler
    *Braided brake lines front & rear
    *Daytona steering damper mounted across the front
    *Rear rim had been narrowed down to 5.5"
    *Tyres were hand cut slicks

    I'll pay $2000 for info leading to the return of it. Call me 0407 348 800
  2. sux Johnny. Good luck brother
  3. Thanks :( One day.......
  4. Sucks to hear man...I lost my KLX off Bourke street like that. Uninsured. The cops that did the report were like..."dont hold your breath mate, we hardly ever get bikes back"

    Unfortunately the way these things go I reckon your bike would have been parted out within the first few days of it being missing.
  5. Post some pics up Johnny O
  6. How do you post a picture?
  7. Am sorry to hear that your bike was stolen. You say it was some time ago and maybe the thieves have relaxed a little, or the bike has been sold on to some poor unsuspecting person. However, WSBK is coming soon and maybe, just maybe it could turn up down at PI. You never know someone might see it tootling around the track perimeter or parked near the expo? It may of course have been wrecked and sold off in little bits on e-bay. I hope not and I hope you get it back one day with a chance for five minutes alone with the scum that took it.
  8. You can't cos this is netrider, and they believe that media in forums slows them down too much for the people still on 28k dial up. Forget what every other forum does and runs just as smooth..they know better.
  9. Leaving aside that silly comment, Johnny, you can upload it to your own webspace, if you have some, and then just post a link to it, as in my Wizard of Id daily cartoons, or you can sign on with someone like photobucket, as many here do
  10. My VF came back. They abandoned it in Geelong in some guys back yard. Took him a week to get around to ringing the cops.

    They buggered the fuel cap getting it off.. It always had a bit of a leak after that.

    A mate has a GPZ900 nicked. The kid that stole it crashed it and broke his leg. Being a warm hearted guy he visited the kid in hospital. Being a clutz he accidentally sat on the kids leg. Twice. The hospital threw him out.
  11. Thanks, I'll see what I can do
  12. Hahaha! :LOL::LOL::LOL:
  13. https://netrider.net.au/gallery/

    Not bad value for $5 one off fee, I reckon :)

    Our server is at its limits now without all the messy graphics, if we allowed graphics you would complain that the site was too slow. :eek:
  14. what's a 28k dial up? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  15. Try dialling up at 24k. Thanks Telstra. No broadband but Mr you can have ISDN or sat but you'll have to pay 4 times as much as someone 5km down the road! :mad:
  16. I really couldn't be bothered getting into a debate about the pic rules cos my opinion will not change the your views so what's the point.
    Though I will say that $5 for a gallery is not good value. Every other bike site I use has upload direct to post available and galleries for members and membership fees of $0.
    Also the major problem with using the NR gallery or an external like photobucket for posts is that it's a pain in the arse that adds many extra steps to what could be quick and painless. Like wanting to post something funny or contextual to someone's post; This will most likely not be a photo you want to keep in a gallery or your web space but a one-use random funny. So now not only do you have to upload to your space and paste a link but then clean out your gallery from junk later on. Hmmm ease of use I hear you say. So what I said wasn't a silly comment Hornet, just like your advice wasn't a solution but a workaround.

    The NR guys will probably come back with something like "if we needed more servers blah blah we would have to charge you all $20 for membership blah blah", like the response to recent questions about NR falling over a bit too often by saying, traffic has increased and they don't want to charge us more for improvements. Bollocks...traffic increasing is the best thing a web site could hope for, hell it's the only thing that keeps most sites alive as most don't charge the user anything. If your traffic is increasing and your current advertising revenue doesn't give enough to expand inline with the increase then get off your bums and capitalise on the added traffic with higher ad fees or getting more advertisers on board. Non for profit don't mean you have to be a povo site. :idea:
  17. I say perma-ban Hornet, then there will be an instant 50% reduction in bandwidth waste.
    Kishy your on the same shit talkers list too. :LOL:
  18. Being an R1 there is a 99% chance the bike was parted out hours after being stolen. I have a few friends with contacts in unsavoury 'businesses' and these kinds of bikes come up all the time simply because they're common, often crashed and highly desired.
    If you own a GSXRR1CBRZXR then for gods sake don't park it in unsecured locations.
  19. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  20. :grin: :grin: Duhast