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Another question!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Clueless (but learning!), Aug 31, 2004.

  1. Oops, almost forgot this one - me and my friend are 25yr girls from Melbourne and just got our L's - and we want to find a club/rally/event that we can ride in - any suggestions??

  2. Ohhh the rudeness running through my mind right now!!

    You want to ride in a rally/event already??
    Gee's Im just putting all round the place to get practice up.

    Good luck with it all!! In the very short time I been riding im already fairly confident on the road (not stupidly confident though)
  3. We just want to get into the swing of things! I guess we're both being a bit obsessive about it at the moment!! :LOL: We've wanted to get on a bike for a LONG time now and have only managed to get our act together and get our L's recently! My friend tells me she's even practising her moves by visualisation when she's on the couch, in bed etc!! :p It will be great just to meet other people with the same interest and who knows, maybe even a nice guy!!
  4. Theres plenty of rides/rallies on offer,

    look in the ride annomcements on this site,
    www.mraa.org.au they have social rides twice a month , one to port albert this sunday bond Girl rides with CMC they have rides quite often.

    Most bike clubs have organised rides, the the southern classic rally on the 02/10
  5. Hi clueless , welcome to the forum and u r after nice guys , well i guess i lucked out .
  6. I think a good place to start would be the Friday night coffee things in Southbank... I'm meaning to go to my first any time now. Get a feel for the community, meet Vic, flee, regroup, etc.

    All good.
  7. That makes two of us Midnight my old buddy !
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    But yeah as Fixed has already said...... Fri night coffee at southbank would be a good start.

    And relax the good weather isn't too far away, then like most of us you'll have to pick and choose which rides you do go on. :?
  8. What he said :)

    Except for the lucking out bit - I'm nice aren't I Deb? Minna? :p

    devils-advocaat and Fixed seem to have provided the best suggestions I had for where to meet riders and go on rides, so I'll just say welcome :)

    If you're anywhere over the eastern side of town, there's a monthly ride that I try and get to that starts from Emerald - I'll have to remember to post details about them sometime...
  9. Now is the time of year that the rallies start to get going :)
    Two GREAT rallies to plan for are
    The Golden Dragon (at Tarnagulla) - 2nd & 3rd October
    The Highland Fling (near Ballarat) - 9th & 10th October

    Don't worry about people thinking you're too "new" to start attending rallies... I rode to my first rally in the first month of having my L's, & it was a 3 hour ride to get there :)
    The only advice I could give you about rallies, is if they have a Gymkhana (ON bike), then it's advisable to WATCH, not participate (especially the "blind rider" event!!! :shock: )
  10. Dont forget to check the events and ride sect here

    also every friday night (see sticky post at top of that section)
    we meet for coffee every friday at southbank from 6pm -9pm
    comein and meet the people and get to know who you are talking too .
    last week there was about 15-25 bikes
    it gets bigger in summer but not a bad turn out for winter .
  11. Hey Hey !!

    I know all about the obsessive behaviour...

    I find myself leaning through corners whilst sitting on the loo.. Eating noodles with two forks doing the accel and clutch motions...

    My housemate and I both did the bike thing recently as well... talk in the house is all bikes bikes bikes lately. We have helmets and gear lying around everywhere (actually we still have the snowboards and snow gear lying about a well-maybe we are just messy)

    If you're up for newbie rides with two newbie 25yr olds as well... look no further.

    Enjoy yourselves!
  12. Hey looky here! An event customised just for me :LOL:
  13. I just want to say congrats for getting your L's :) And i know this post really doesn't belong in here but it'll do.. :wink:
    I only got my licence 5 months ago, after never ever being interested in bikes. I got sick of staying home while my other half was out riding and he scared the sh*t out of me when i was his pillion. I bought a FZR250, it's a good bike but that's not my point.
    If you ladies can, make sure that you ride with someone really experienced. Not someone who's just got their licence. Their experience both with the way they ride and handle the road conditions will teach you so much. I try to follow my partner so i can follow his lines through corners and ride as smoothly as possible (yes he slows down for me). Better for you, better for the bike. Don't go faster than you're comfortable with.. when i started i thought i was going fast and cars were passing me! Always err on the side of caution, it's easier to learn slowly than get hurt and mend slowly.
    With clubs there's the WIMA (women motorcycling club) Grobert can tell you all about them if you like.
    Good luck!
    P.S. I'm older than you too :D age is no barrier
  14. I agree with Tanya...
    I've been riding for twenty years and my wife has been riding for four months. Thanks to Queenslands Q-Ride system and licencing laws, she now has an open bike licence and can legally ride my 1100? After every ride we take together, she is full of questions on... Why I did this? What was the reason for that? How come my bike did this? And I answer them easily because I was there with her.
    I'm sure the guys on this board based in Melb' will be more than happy to accompany you two on rides and I stongly suggest the Friday night coffe thing. Nothing better than informal discussion to improve your knowledge.
  15. Speaking of WIMA (Women's International Motorcycle Association) - We're looking for more members!!!! :LOL:

    Rhonda Markham is the Victorian Captain, and Moira Stewart & Minette Obrien handle the memberships. You can leave a message on the VIC WIMA mobile (0401) 558 374 & someone will give you a call back.

    The Vic WIMA meet on the second Wednesday of the month (that's NEXT Wednesday!) at Father Flanagan's in Collingwood (484 Smith St, cnr of Alexandra Pde), at about 7.30pm. Going to the meeting, does NOT mean you have to join! :)
  16. I'm glad i read this forum :)
    i to just got my L's and female wanting to find more people to ride with.

    so where abouts on south bank do u go for coffee? i migh just meet u there next time :)
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  18. I found that just getting out on the road is the best way to meet other riders (and you can pick and choose a bit...if they look like dickheads on the road when you've just met them, stay away!). When I split with my boyfriend last year, I lost my riding partner. Since then, I go wherever I want, talk to the riders I want to talk to, and I've met some awesome people just by being a bit out there.

    It does help being a girl on a bike...I strongly suggest you get yourselves a thumping Ducati, a nice set of leathers :shock: , and I can promise people will want to say Hi at least!!! 8)
  19. hehe - thanks Lil! Won't have the ducati - am about to get a kawa ninja - but I'll see what I can do about the leathers! :LOL:
  20. All the nice guys ride honda's, but what you REALLY need to look out for are the one's who drive red convertibles. :)+