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Another punishing ride

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. Yesterday I left the conference with greenguzzi and co at Jindabyne and rode home. I left around the middle of the day (yeah, I know, older but no wiser!) and endured the second-worst day's riding I have ever experienced.

    I rode Jindabyne to Cooma and then down Brown Mountain (THAT bit was fun!) and then up the coast to Wollongong. I stopped every at every water tap I could find and soaked the JetStream jacket in water, but it was dry after about 20 minutes anyway.

    By the time I got to Nowra I was so tired and stressed by the hot conditions I pulled off the side of the road and sat down in the grass and honestly, nearly cried. I was only 60kms from home but for the first few minutes off the bike I could not see myself getting back on and riding that 60 kays even if someone had paid me.

    Well, I did, of course, and enjoyed the blast through the Kiama bends, but I've rarely been so glad to be home....

    Oh, and the panel light on the speedo blew out at some stage too. Apart from that, and the conditions, yet another reason to love the Hornet.
  2. Hell yeah, this weekend was bananas.

    However, for admitting you nearly cried, I am obliged to dub you a big sooky la la.

    I understand the coming weekend is going to be just as bad... :shock: bloody hell. When it's 43.1 degrees and it's 7.30 in the evening, you start thinking those crazy global warming scientists might have got their numbers right.
  3. I dont doubt you picked nowra to have a sob .... i used to live there and i know what it can do to people .... have you ever ridden up over cambewarra mountain thru kangaroo valley ?? now thats a fun ride
  4. There was absolutely nothing on this earth which could have tempted me out on the bike yesterday!!

    A+ for effort :grin:
  5. U did well to pull it off then Paul. No idea what you went thru
    it was horrific conditions to be doing a long haul like that

    & maybe next time use a car eh! :wink:
  6. Loz, thanks for the vote of confidence, perhaps this year's Netrider award already decided?

    Rumpy, that run over the mountains is one of the rides God would do if he owned a bike...

    I usually go up Macquarie Pass to Robertson, then down to Kangaroo Valley and up over Cambewarra then home from Nowra via the Princes Highway, fun ride....
  7. Well done Hornet! I know what its like - I have done the tears thing once - on the Newcastle Motorway at a servo but that was after riding for four days in torrential flooding rain - it all got a bit much. As for the heat thing - I have done it - its truly hideous! I know my limitations and home was where I stayed this weekend with my bike locked up. Pity I would have loved to have done the Rememberance Ride.
  8. growing up in the area that was the road we used to learn to ride on and practise stupid acts (as you do ) i think the fastest time from the roundabout there in bomaderry to the robertson turn off is around 20 minutes ..... yes a fun road indeed ... and no bike fatalities that i can recall there either , I used to be a tow truck driver in the area and had the pleasure of riding over to the valley from nowra eveymorning , in extreme cases in winter the dri rider was still frozen in the riding position till about 10 o'clock, the snot was often frozen to my cheeks and the black ice caught me out on a few occasions ..... but wouldnt have traded it for anything
  9. urg I rode to doncaster yesterday (around 2pm) and that just about killed me... its around 20 mins away!!

    There is much to be said for the frozen "hot" water bottle.
  10. :shock: :shock:

  11. ahhh !!....a frozen hot water bottle would fit perfectly in the pouch in he back of my jacket usually reserved for the back protector .... if you dont mind i think i will be using that one
  12. So scottie - that'll be your trick for keeping cool this weekend up to Walcha? Mind you, it gets cold at night up in them mountains!
  13. Cold, at Walcha, in January? :shock:
  14. hehehee ..... the water bottle will be full of bourbon , for later when it gets cold to bribe the local mountain women into warming me up
  15. Poor hornet....

    reminds me of once when me and a friend went up to the blue mountains to do the oaks fire trail on our mountain bikes. its like a 3hr ride up and down down tough terrain with a sweet 30min non-stop downhill slope at the end.

    problem was the day we went was the hottest day recorded in february in 80yrs!!! this was 2yrs ago by the way so i still remember it quite clearly. What's worse is that we rode in the middle of the day, and the heat was twice as bad because it was also coming off the rocks, plus there's hardly any shade along the trail!! it is quite possible that had i not brought along 3litres of water i may have died that day!
  16. Believe it or not, at one stage AGV produced an a/c helmet!

    Paul, you did well.

    Your only mistake was to stop. Only then do you start to feel the heat and think ....
  17. It was 42 degrees in Melbourne on Sunday....

    Yes that is hot...

    But when you are riding on the roads the ambient temperature of the road would have been closer to 60..... then add the sun onto that...

    I had to ride home from Frankston... this takes roughly an hour if the lights dont all go against you....

    Got about halfway home I nearly died.... It was just so hard to concentrate on riding because of the heat... and the fear that the next set of lights would be red...

    We ended up stopping into a friends house in Box hill on the way just to jump in their pool....

    One thing I discovered was that with a dry-mesh jacket and a wet t-shirt I was actually quite cool... and still protected (CE armour inside)...

    The coolness lasted about 20 minutes and got me home safely...