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Another P's test question.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by TimTam, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. G'day Guys,

    Im doing my P's test in NSW Rouse Hill on the 5th March.
    Just want to know if during the actual test do you have to use your indicator signals when turning marked corners?

    Anyone did their test at Rouse Hill? Are the boys at Rouse Hill easy to deal with/ lenient or strict?



  2. Of course indicators are needed.

    As for the guys over there, I have no idea.
  3. Has anyone done their P's test at Loftus? What are the instructors like?
  4. err.... i don't know whats happening with courses you've done, but i only did mine two months ago. And they set up the course that they did in the learners where you have to merge and turn off and stop at an imaginary stop sign etc. but thats not the test, just practice. We didn't use our blinkers in any of the things that were actually tested.

    You have to use them on the road ride obviously, but it was stressed to us, although you could fail it if you were seen to be dangerous it is not part of the test.


    Edit - If you do have to use your blinkers iin anything they will tell you beforehand.
  5. On the Ps test, its no blinkers except for the roadride component & what matchstick said - The imaginery stop sign as per the Ls.

    The 1:1 marked test at the end is no blinkers but remember to Headcheck as you move off.

  6. i did mine in taree it was piss easy the only part that everyone had trouble with was the emergency stop. make sure you really practice this and make sure you have a chain gaurd on your bike some dirt bikes dont have em but they wont let you take part otherwise
  7. If you are talking about the 90 degree marker and turning into that, then no... U turn, nope. Well I didn't have to...

    But just for fun, try it on the cone weave, after each cone you pass ;)

    100 points if you pass it on a Busa whilst using indicators and bribing the instructor to take a bribe.....
  8. cheers guys.

    lastly is the clothing you must wear the same with doing L's ? ie long sleeve shirt, jeans, runners okay? and ofcourse helmet /gloves.
  9. Yes, wear the same clothing as you did for your pre-learner course. And dont forget to bring your helmet and gloves.
  10. Must be a little different in Vic ? I don't think we have a 1:1 ride... emergency stop we do, counter steers (emergency swerve) too.... etc...