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Another P's question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by syd rs125, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. just curious has anyone done this test on an aprilia rs 125 ?
    i am doubtful at full lock if the bike is even capable to make the turn.
    i'm gonna go practice soon just to suss it out but am i better off just renting one of their bikes??

  2. Steal some cones and set up the course as to website specs. If you set up the cones properly, they are quite hard. But they never have them up to spec at the centres, they're usually very easy in comparison as to how they should be.

    Yes you can do it on rs, its quite light and agile so it should be ok from that end. The lack of low down power and having to feather the clutch might be a biatch on a 125 2smoke, but definitely set up the course and see how you go. The practice makes you a better rider anyway :)
  3. yea i've got the cones and a tape measure in my bag i'm gonna go suss it out now let u know how it goes.
    I'm used to feathering the clutch and can crawl along at a slow pace fine but at full lock my thumbs get jamed against the tank so the u turn is gonna be a biatch.
  4. Such is life when you have sporty bars. I can't believe how much easier the zzr is to move around at slow speed than the SV :( I'll just have to learn some new special techniques to keep the biatch from rolling over :cool:
  5. Its call your right foot ,I used it in the test ,no problems :LOL: .

    Just don't stuff up on the other parts of the test. :oops: :p

    Go to the $2 shop and get 3 tennis balls and cut in half ,they make good cones to practice with .