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Another project SR500!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by QuarterWit, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Well, parts of it anyway.

    With anything vaguely interesting and naked (Hmm) costing over $2500 these days I've decided to start my new project bike(Another damn SR500) but all I have room for and can afford at this stage is an engine.

    So, grand plan is to get a later model SR400 engine (better oil lubrication around the head) and to swap the crank with that of a SR500. Very mild porting, possible overbore and piston. Slight problem, having a bit of trouble sourcing a 400 engine for around $600, but I'll get one sooner or later. :)

    In the interim, when hunting for a crank I've poached MattB's spare bottom end. He needs the layshaft and I need to 500 crank so I'm pulling it to bits in my bedroom. Ah, the warmth! The Light!

    Here's the bottom end when I carried it in.


    Destination - grotty crank.


    And after a bit of work, right side is pretty much cleaned out.


    Right hand side of the crankshaft spindle looks good. The left hand side, under the pile of rust that used to be a flywheel, will hopefully be the same. Can't do that (easily) until I get the flywheel puller in the mail.

    I'm also waiting on a crankcase puller and trying to find my damn impact drive to get the oil pump out (the three near-rounded bolts at the top of the shot) and hopefully then I'll just split the cases and steal the crank, which although it looks grotty, managed to clean up alright when I gave it a bit of a wipedown. Then, fingers crossed, I'll have sourced a SR400 engine and I'll start tearing that down and rebuilding it.

    Brace yourself for a myriad of stupid questions during the rebuild!
  2. she's looking beautiful! don't stop cleaning just yet, though!

    good job :D
  4. better watch out..... in the first pic Homer is eyeing the engine off for himself.......
  5. nicely spotted :LOL:

    Bedroom engine rebuilds; obviously a bachelor :rofl:
  6. Looking good QW!

    Keep us updated.

    Edit: Haha, 3 of the 5 threads linked below with SR500 in them have been started by Mattb!
  7. Hornet, how could you tell I don't live with my girlfriend?

    Although she has ok'd a rolling chassis in the living room of our new place. Sigh. True love abounds.
  8. A mate and I, long ago, chopped his SR500 in the kitchen of his upstairs flat, welding up a hardtail and everything :D.
  9. Nice good job so far.
  10. He's winning!

    Any pics of the bike?
  11. Sadly no as we were both without a camera at the time. I also must, in the interests of honesty, admit that it was never completed, being disposed of as an unfinished project when his GF moved in with him and objected to having to shift it out into the hallway in order to get the oven open.
  12. Ah, that's a shame. Hardtail SR's are getting more common these days, I'm guessing your mate was probably one of the first people to start hacking them...
  13. Glad to see you're practicing for the rebuild of my old engine.
  14. Not quite (but maybe almost). About halfway through we spotted another one at the '87 Bulldog Bash (Google it) although it was a bit of a hack job. As was ours in truth :oops:.
  15. I think they all are - am yet to see a good SR hardtail, except for some Japanese ones which in reality have completely redesigned frames.
  16. Progress, wahoo!

    I was delayed a little for parts but they arrived. The flywheel came out really easily with the bolts and with liberal use of the impact driver the stator came out as well. Here's the case seperating tool... thing...


    Screws into two threaded holes on the inside of the engine case. You basically tighten the centre bolt which forces the end of the crank (protected by a little brass cover I bought) away from the case. Worked absolutely 100% brilliantly. So damn easy with the right tool...


    Massive 'yay!' time now.

  17. Ok where did you get that tool??? And I thought the tool was suppose to bolt into the other side case, under the the stator?
    Oh and does the oilpump need to come to bits before splitting the cases?
  18. The tool was from Kedo, and worth every cent of the $30-odd dollars plus posting. You use the tool on the RHS engine case first to split them, then do the same on the reverse to get it out...


    You can pull the whole thing apart without getting the oil pump, but if you want to remove it later you'd have to use an impact wrench with one side resting on a bench. The screws that held the oil pump in there were REALLY tight. Can't imagine that'd be good for the mating surfaces?

    Does anybody know anything about cranks? I'm looking to use this filthy bastard.



    The threads look great on it, but the rest is pretty rough. There's some VERY light surface rust/corrosion and the gunk cleans off pretty well as you can see on the top. I'm pulling it apart anyway to put in a new rod. Is there anything else I should be looking at?
  19. hahaha love the cat in his weird cute collar thingy!

    "oh daddy, what you doing this time? you doing motorbike stuff? yeah? yeah? how bout you remove this stupid collar thingy and gimmie a pat? yeah? yeah?"
  20. No. But the bearing surface looks to have some wear or scoring... That's what I'd be worried about, but it doesn't look too deep... Can you get oversize bearings?

    The flywheel itself will polish up fine I reckon, might be a bit lighter than before though :)