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Another pony in the stable.

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Mcsenna, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Yup another CB400, pick it up tomorrow, first twistys saturday morning Aldgate-Strath probably.
    2012 delivered
    2500k on the clock
    Crash bars
    Centre stand
    Sports muffler




    If you can't beat em, join em.
  2. Love that classic colour-scheme!
  3. Thanks Hornet, it was a bit of a fluke being the colour scheme I liked.
    Looking forward to a few more horses.
    If I survive on this for a few months and the back doesn't get any worse, I might go for something a bit bigger. Otherwise this might see me out.
  4. Really nice Mcsenna and I love the colour - but then I am biased.
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  5. im up for a ride saturday
  6. Been invited to go with a group I haven't ridden with before, happy to have a ride with you another time though.
  7. looks good mate, enjoy that first instance your arse sits on the seat and your wrist twists the throttle, always a boner moment.(y)
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  8. nice
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  9. Sweet looking ride (y)
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  10. haha good one!

    Great bike great choice. (y) Congrats.
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  11. The Guzzi in the background would have been tempting
  12. Not in the ballpark sadly.
  13. $$$ ways ??
  14. Congrats McSenna.

    Just make sure that the trusty 250 goes to a good home.

    Are you still on restrictions?
  15. Yes mate..still
  16. So the CB 400 is until you get off restrictions, then another upgrade?

    Why the change now? Not enough power?

  17. Yes is the short answer, to both questions I guess.
    The GPX was great for what I needed to get back into riding, but the difference to the 400 is vast. Power, braking, handling and just the sound of the 4 at full noise is stirring.
  18. Don't tell me that !!!!
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  19. Killed any of those bikes yet? :LOL: