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another police officer gets of pretty much scott free

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lowercase, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. http://au.news.yahoo.com/a/-/latest/7750671/policeman-avoids-jail-over-sex-site/

  2. suspended sentence isn't exactly scott free... it's more like walking over cracking ice.
  3. anyone else would be getting into gaol, getting an AVO and probably something like house arrest or the likes.
  4. The charge was offensive behavior. He went too far in an ugly break up. Hardly deserves to be locked up with people that would only want to kill him.
  5. Yes. But I'd call that stalking and harassment.
  6. Agreed, but I don't see that gaol time is warranted. The suspended sentence puts the threat of gaol over his head, should he continue with his behavior.

    At the moment he doesn't have a wage and 320 hours of community service is a lot.

    So it looks like exactly the right decision to me.
  7. B/S. Anyone else would be getting what he got, but may not lose thier job as well. He will I'll bet.

  8. hopefully he will, there are too many tough guy attitude i do what i like cos i can in the police, we have a ex employee (who joined the piggie) here who comes in and rants about what he has the right too do, oh yeah he is in TMU and loves handing out tickets, came in recently too brag about how he caught one of the guys at work over the limit on the way in here 69km/hr in a 60 zone....imo i say throw these wankers too with the rest of the scum
  9. ......
  10. look at the last line in the article.
  11. While he was just 'accused' of it, it would have been unfair to cancel his pay. Imagine if all it took to cost a cop weeks of wages was a little bit of forgery and a complaint? Of course, as soon as he was proven to have acted criminally, not giving him any money became the right thing to do.
  12. Zackly
  13. Ah yeahs, next time I'll read the last line of articles lol
  14. Can help :p.
  15. He's in the poo. Gets a conviction recorded against him and goodbye working for the public service.