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Another Point Cook Newbie GrandPa

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by GrumpyOldSod, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. I enjoyed all the started late responses, turning 50 this year and just got Ls, funny I'm a grandpa too.
    Told the missus I was having a midlife crisis and if she complained I'd replace her with a younger blonde with a convertible, her response was no one would want you but did receive grudging agreement that I could get a bike.

    Took the youngest child with me on the Ls course (395 each for 2 day course not 795 each), so 2 novices in this house. He gets his bike on the 19th and I am able to get one after that. Was told I had to let him go first.

    Been browsing through various threads, resources and have to say was very impressed. Took a link from the insurance discussion under the resource and was pretty surprised by the quote, will be redirecting the boy there for a quote, price was about $1600 less so if that pans out it'll be worth the $100 for lifetime membership.

    Hope to learn a lot, hope to get the skills to get to some Saturday learner sessions, hope to learn to write shorter messages. I've been accused of having verbal diarrhoea, get I must have gotten some on my fingers.

    Any way, cheers to all. It's nice to be here.
  2. G'day and welcome, er, GrumpyGrumpy. Congratulations getting your Learner rider licence. Any idea what motorcycles you and your son will buy?
  3. Welcome to the fold :cool:
  4. The boy's purchased a Honda CB250 off a friend of his older sister, getting a few things fixed for the RWC. Me, not sure yet, will go and sit on a few bikes, I have ducks disease so it is a bit more complicated for me than for average height folk.
  5. Welcome to NR...
  6. welcome aboard :)
  7. Depending on what you are looking to spend. A CB400 would be worth a look. Good for those vertically challenged. Great bike.