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Another Peter Stevens whinge

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by cruisingal, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. Went down to Dandenong PS on Friday to sit on the GSR6 to see if is suitable for me (I have nerve and tendon damage in both wrists and can put no pressure on them. They have to be held flat).

    I have sat on the ER6 and it is perfect. I prefer the look of the GSR so would like to see if it is suitable. If it's not, then I would get the ER.

    The idiot that eventually decided to help(?) me then told me that I would have to ride the GSR, I wouldn't be able to tell just by sitting on it! Hello, I live with these issues in my hands everyday, I would definitely know within a minute if it is suitable or not.

    He tried telling me that I should just modify the GS. I should remove the handlebar risers, take them to an engineering mob and have them increase the height by another three inches or so :shock: If I did this, then I would also have to buy all new cables for speedo/tacho, brake, clutch etc because they would be too short. Then if that doesn't work, put a different set of bars on as well. I told him (repeatedly) I am not interested in modifying the GS.

    I would like to buy the GSR if it's riding position is OK. How much would he give me for trade. (GS has 12 months reg and only 5,000km on the clock. It is still in brand new condition.) He offered me $3k and I laughed at him. ( We were there to pick up my SIL's brand new HD ($13k) and he gave her $3,200 for her POS Zeal.) I told him if he can give her 3.2 for the zeal he would have to be able to do better that that. Got him up to 5.5 but he didn't really want to do a deal. He just kept telling me to modify the GS!

    This guy was not trying to sell a bike to me at any time.....But that was what I was there for! I knew what I wanted if it was suitable. He would have had a sale without even trying. Obviously they don't like to sell bikes there :roll: they are in the repair business! The SIL's HD will be back for warranty work no doubt :LOL: and my BOL who came down with us also had to leave his Buell there for another warranty job. It was down there last week for a service and then it did the manifold gasket about 5km before we got to PS on Friday. So far it has been back to them five times since he purchased at Christmas.

    Any other shops in the area must be pretty flat out. These guys are a laughing stock.
  2. If you're after a Suzi, Raceway Suzuki in Niddrie is where I got mine and they were absolutely great. Decent drive from the Valley, but hey, it's better than buying a POS from PS.
  3. Thanks Triway.

    We don't mind going the miles to get a good deal or to be looked after.

    We bought my husbands first R6 from Rochester. Dealt with them over the phone and then rode up to collect it. These guys rocked.

    Another recommendation is Sale Honda and of course Moe Motorcycles (cause I work there :LOL: )
  4. I’ve never dealt with there bike sale staff But there parts service is good at least, ive been getting lotsa parts for my bike and dealing with a dale there, he has been very helpful (even though 99% of the stuff had to go onto backorder from no stock)
  5. I thought you worked at MECU (with Kath Jegs)...
  6. Ill second that.. Raceway Suzuki are great to deal with. Ive always had good honest advice from everyone there.. You can also try Mick Hones they are pretty good too..
  7. No, my girlfriend worked with her there....we're just the lob ins for the superbike and grand prix weekends :LOL:
  8. Another bung sh1t on PS thread, you'd think they would learn buy now, i deal with the accesories guys and they seem OK, the new bike sales staff make used car salesman look human.

    Hey Cruisergal what days do you work?? i'll drop in say g'day.
  9. Yeah go see Brian at Raceway Suzuki. Tell him Paul with the ZX12R sent you and he will take great care of you. There ph no is 9351-0055. Good luck. :grin:
  10. You must be one of the only people on the planet not happy with being offered a test ride!!

    But yeah the rest of your post seems par-for-the-course.
  11. I'm definitely there Tuesdays, other days are optional :LOL:

    That's just it, they don't have one I can test ride! I can go back next week jto sit on one though (a test ride would be even better) :roll:

    We are talking with Suzuki at the moment about getting some demo models down this way to share with a couple of the other dealers over a few days...don't know when/if it will happen though.
  12. Thanks Blue, I might have to make another trip down :grin:
  13. sweet, i'll drop in any time better or worse?
  14. Oh. Ok.

    Um, does MM sell Arai or Shoei helmets? I'm getting a reasonable tax return this year and I need a new lid. Also see if they sell these new OGK venom lids. AMCN reviewed one this issue and I'm interested in checking one out.

    Middlemiss and T'gon Honda has bugger all lids that I'm interested in at the moment. Heaps of Shark and some AGVs but they aren't a comfortable fit.

    If I'm up to it, I might come for a ride over on Tuesday and check 'em out.
  15. Anytime before 3pm cause I'm allowed to do a school hour shift! If I'm not there, I would only be doing banking etc and not gone long (15 minutes).
  16. We pretty much have the usual range of shark, agv as well. I'll check tomorrow about the OGK ones and let you know though Marty.
  17. Thanks.
  18. So have you or did you eventually buy or get a test ride on a GSR from anywhere?
  19. I have only had problems with there service dept, trying to charge on warrenty items, I won in the end though. But as for there sales staff are ok, chris is the best there, he will really look after you, the sales manager though is a Full on knob though, I dealt with him first when getting my hyo, he was not helpful and not interested in selling me the bike, i went back the next week, chris approached me, really told me a lot about the bike, and helped me out in buying it and getting all my gear and gave a me a good deal because i paid cash, the manager would not have a part of it, when i said i was paying cash to him the week earlier. So go to chris, he will look after you. this is dandenong Peter stevens i should add.

  20. I bought my 2004 hyosung Aquila 250
    from Peter Stevens in Geelong
    and a man also named Chris works there
    and he got a exellent deal for me on my bike
    they are also putting in new larger jets on warranty

    Why i went all the way to Geelong to buy my bike
    is a rude peron in the Ringwood store
    put me of buying a Brand new bike there
    (too pushy)

    i was holding wads of$100 notes to pay in cash
    happy salesman happy customer