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another passed my P's post!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by clinks, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. did it today down at loftus, day began beautifully and then the stormclouds rolled in and before you knew it we were doing our road ride in the HAIL and THUNDERSTORM

    bloody bullshit, i probably jinxed myself by not buying any wet weather gear but damn..!

    passed though! saw a bloke come in for his 2nd go at the MOST and failed again... poor guy's now gotta do it a third time =/

    wouldn't say it was the most pleasant experience i've ever had doing the P's but i did learn a thing or two, whether i'd even voluntarily pay for these "rider training" courses is another issue, i'd rather learn by riding out on the roads.

    so yepo, thats that!

  2. Congrats !!!!
  3. well done my friend~ :)
  4. I was on the same course today at Loftus (clinks = Wayne?) and also passed.

    When they say rail, hail or shine, they mean it! :shock: Did feel a little sorry for that bloke who failed for a second time, but he could've used the pre-test practice time a little more rather than having a smoke. :?

    Anyway, 366 days and counting to an unrestricted licence... :cool:
  5. Well done congrats!!

    I'm planing to do mine very shortly.

    Do you know how the guy failed? What he did that lead to the fail?
  6. Not exactly sure, but I did see him put a foot down on the very first test, the left-hand turn. Think he also put a foot down on the u-turn and had trouble with emergency braking.

    We discussed the points system a little after the test. From what I remember, points are allocated as follows:

    Fail to head check = 3 points the first time, 5 points for twice, auto-fail 3 or more.

    Foot down in any section = 1 point the first time, 3 points the second, 5 points the third, auto-fail after that.

    Ride outside the box during u-turn = 5 points.

    Stopping distance in braking test = points allocated according to excess distance required to come to complete stop. The instructor times you during the lead up to determine how fast you're going and consequently how quickly you should be able to come to a stop.

    Emergency swerve = auto-fail if you hit any markers or fail to swerve the correct side. Another bloke at the test today hit a marker, but apparently he was only doing 19 km/hr (need to go above 20km/hr), so he got to the test a second time, which he managed to pass. Very lucky boy.

    Points are allocated according the severity of the mistake as translated to the "real world". For example, going outside the box during the u-turn might indicate you have run into a parked car, or mounted the gutter, hence the relatively high point score for this mistake.

    Not sure about anything else. Also, don't take the above as being definitely correct, as I may have got some of the details wrong.
  7. What sorta bike was he riding??..........possibly a big clue there to his problems. :(
  8. Kawasaki GPX. Not sure what year, but looked pretty old.

    Another bloke had a Kawasaki ZZR and passed with only minor difficulty. There was also a Honda Rebel, Honda CBR125R, Honda CBR250RR, Honda VTR250 (mine!), two Vespa's. All passed except for the one bloke on the GPX.
  9. I've got a Suzuki GSF250V (baby Bandit). I've had a few practise goes in a carpark with MOST printout and cut tennis balls, kinda semi confident.. depending on the nerves on the day!

    I'm just worried about my loud exhaust. I bought it with a mega loud exhaust. Does anyone know if Stay Upright will reject the bike for being too loud?
  10. dcart3r = dan?

    i think that bloke failed because he put his foot down twice + missed 2 head checks and it was over

    i nearly missed a headcheck on the quick stop, just slips your mind... very important though

    as for loud exhausts, you should check if its defectable, dan's vtr250 was pretty loud and he didnt get any drama from the instructor, but the instructor was a cool enough bloke i dont know if thats an across the board rule.
  11. i'm doing my test on wednesday. can i just ask when head checks are supposed to be done?

  12. You must do head checks every time you move off from a stationary position. This means before you start each test (obvious) and also do them when you move off after a test has completed to setup for the next test. That way you can guarantee you won't have any points scored against you for head checks.
  13. By the sounds of it, and from reading posts here - everytime you get on/off the bike, everytime you take off.
  14. thanks for that. in NSW if you fail do you have to do the whole day again and pay $151 or can you just do the test without the training bit?
    praying like mad that it doesn't rain on wed!
  15. Good luck Cookie, the clouds look a little dodgy at the moment, hopefully it clears up for you on Wed. Where abouts are you doing the test?
  16. You only have to the test again. There were two guys who joined us on Sunday doing that exact thing. Think the instructor mentioned it was around $40 - you might want to double-check that though.
  17. doing it at st.ives. i wanted to get heaps of practice in today but with the rain i don't know if i'm gonna get any in.