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Another parking thread [NSW] moved from general

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by fureien, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys

    long time lurker first time poster

    Registered to whinge

    Got fined for the 8th time this year (twice this week) and im kind of sick of it now

    FYI i am based in Sydney CBD

    I just wanted to know any good parking spots around kent st
    The place on sussex is always full
    The on kent st (between the westpac building and grace hotel is a strip for motorcylce parking)
    i sometimes squeeze my bike on the end of the row with no issues and worst case i can park the bike in the 1 hr zone but have been fined 3 times
    i found found a solution but its a pain

    basically the inspector doesnt check until lunchtime, so park there in the morning
    around lunch time people start leaving on sussex so park there, or at least use lunch time to move bike near barangaroo (but the construction leaves huge dust residue)

    I have also parked under the highway that hovers over sussex st. There is a little area of footpath next to the power substation.
    Roughly here, http://goo.gl/maps/3aUlQ may need to rotate street view camera 180degrees
    However i once arrived one morning and a ranger was issueing fines. i asked him how is it illegal when NOBODY walks there and CARS EVEN PARK THERE EVERY DAY
    he was like "oh its footpath", even though other overpasses have bikes parked there all the time. what an ass

    The cba building spot is choc a block and is a bit far

    the diagonal strip near the end of the wynyard park area is choc a block

    australia square is too far

    but today i found a new place on kent st even further down past the westpac building near the harbour bridge entrance.

    there is a strip for motorcycles there, but today i saw a TON of bikes on the footpath! the footpath had these Plant features in a diamond shape. i cant describe it so heres a google maps link

    anyway that area has now changed to have a cycle lane and a bike parking zone, but the bikes were parked inside the gaps formed by the diamond thingys, so they were away from traffic
    and there were bikes along the wall as well.

    What i found strange was, i got a parking fine for being over the edge of the bike parking area into a timed car zone, but all these other bikes on the footpath were fine????

    Also, what do the parking inspectors do if you remove your number plates for the day and put them back on before you go home?
  2. The impound fee to retrieve your vehicle is many times greater than the parking infringement notice.


  3. wow i had given up on my thread cause nothing was showing up

    but yeh

    do they "impound" your bike if you have no plates?

    i mean put it this way. i ride to work at 9am
    go home 5-7

    The parking inspector comes around lunch time or sometimes at 4pm
    so really, unless he can call a tow truck in and move my padlocked bike lodged between two other bikes...how is he going to "impound" me?

    and if you are tlaking about wheel locks, well its not the first time ive picked a lock (yes i carry around a lock pick set).

    anyway my main question is regarding the kent st parking place where everyone was on the footpath. i was just wondering why eveyrone was legally allowed to park there
  4. Dude.. you're my new hero.. seriously!

  5. Got any spare popcorn madass?
  6. Here ya go (y)


    Cheers - Lee
  7. Very nice, sand shoe.
  8. ok im a bit lost
    im actually being really serious
    but are you guys just taking the piss? lol cant tell over the internet
  9. Sorry, I think we lost the plot with the whole "I can pick locks" thing.. you'll get use to it (y)

    So, the issue at hand is the legality of parking on the footpath? Not sure if this is the same area, but there's a write up in the SMH in 2007 about parking in an area behind the footpath on Kent st City scoots bikers off path

    So I guess it's not legal and hasn't been for 6 odd years...
  10. For the first part, as madass has pointed out its probably not legal, to get a ruling on anything of that nature you should ask the authority responsible . Then knowing the law you can decide whether you risk breaking it or not.
    For the second part, go with your gut feeling.
  11. yep that smh article is the same spot im talking about
    i might head past the same area everyday to see if people are still parking there

    its jsut weird
  12. You'll probably find you're at the rangers descretion. One day - good mood - no ticket. Next day - wife/husand pissed him/her off - ticket.

    There's about 20 places around kent st for secure parking. You don't have to park in a designated mbike spot - if you pay to park, you can use any spot - bar handicap parking. If you're getting that many fines, it would be a cheaper alternative.

    Anyway, good luck.
  13. really? which secure car parks are there? all the ones ive seen charge car rates for bikes, which is stupid.

    and im too scared to do the whole sneak under the barrier thing cause they have cameras which take a photo of your plate
  14. You're too scared to sneak under the barrier to avoid a fine but would consider removing your number plate to do the same? Where is the commonsense?

  15. Surprisingly uncommon, ain't it?!

    Back to the lurker's corner with you, OP...
  16. How much did you pay for each fine? I'm sure about a months worth of parking...
  17. Ahh leave alot ****ing earlier to get a spot in a motorcycle parking zone and enjoy a nice breakfast in the city every morning? A hour or so extra time out of your day compared to the 2 thousand dollars odd worth of fines you've copped ...better off spending that money on a good feed
  18. well i live in an awkward spot out north west that has about 5 choke points that take 30 mins on a bike just to get to the main road to the city. so i already leave at like 7:30 and get to city at 8:30 -9ish

    and the reason why i am willing to do the dodgy plate is because there are no cameras to take a foto of my plate, whereas in a car park you are bound to be caught.

    each fine was $88. but recently theyve jacked it up to $99 for the same offence, its like they feel that theyre not getting enough revenue fining an entire street
    i got fined twice for stupid reasons
    once becuase a whole street was paid parking but i unknowingly parked in a loading zone muddled smack bang in the middle of this otherwise legitimate street...i was 10 cms from the legal zone and the street was practically empty...

    the other time i stuck my rear wheel inside a motorcylce parking zone. rest of bike was 20cm out, 4m away from intruding any other traffic or parking area...$120 fine for illegal parking zone.... i might as well have parked in the 1 hr zone cause thats a cheaper fine

    and another time when i was in a different office, i parked in the alley way next to my building where NO TRAFFIC goes. people go there to smoke for godsake and it was under the eaves of the building...$120 fine for parking on footpath

    meanwhile lord mayor clover moore, bless her soul, goes and spends millions of council money on building useless cycle lanes and revamping town hall with pretty lights
    glad to see my donations are being put to good use, cause you know motorcycle parking zones are totally useless

    would it hurt them to add extra signs that say "1 hour parking zone, or unlimited for motorcycles"