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Another P plate pass!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Cezza, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I sat for the first part of my P plate test in the soaring heat on Tuesday. Three and a half hours on the practice range in full gear was a good weight loss technique :shock:

    Second half and the test was today, which I passed :grin: , but only just.

    Seems I scored a number of points because I was TOO SLOW :? Guess now I need to concerntrate on going faster :) Yippee

    Anyho, a pass is a pass. Hooray for me. :LOL:
  2. Congrats man... I'm going for my P's in late Feb
  3. Congratulations Cezza - it's a good feeling to get rid of that yellow plate isn't it?

    Where did you do your test? I did mine at HART in Tullamarine and it was all done on the same day. Only one day for the nerves to build up, which was good. :)
  4. Well done! :woot:
  5. Good job! :)

  6. Congratulations Cezza, marked the date on the calendar for the upgrade have you?
  7. Thanks. It's is a great feeling. I did it at Motorcycle Motion in Moorabbin.
  8. did you use your own bike or one of their bikes?

    Ive heard its hard to pass on a sportsbike so i dont think i'll use my ninja i might hire one of the bikes they have.
  9. VBman, they won't let you use your own bike, for insurance reasons I believe.
  10. funny how different the places are.

    There are no minimum speeds for the NSW MOST apart from the ones where you need to be going fast in the first place, i.e. brake test.

    You use your own bike or you have to pay to hire one of theirs.

    A Ninja is fine, on the practice course it is tight for some things, but they make it about 10-20% smaller for most dimensions so when you do the actual test, its easy.

    Oh, I did it yesterday, 39.1 deg officially, 44 deg measured at the testing center and my seat was 57deg!!! Nice to be sitting around in leathers all day.

    Remember your head checks people :grin:
  11. For the NSW learners:

    The Victorian test is completely different to the NSW MOST test.

    There is a segment in the Victorian test where the rider has to negotiate a 45 degree turn as fast as they feel is safe, without crossing the painted lines.

    (You do the turn twice, once going 'left', once going 'right')

    It is there to test your ability to judge safe cornering speeds, and manage your speed entering and passing through a turn. I don't know of anyone that's gotten a "perfect" score in that part of the test, most people get a few penalty points - not enough to compromise their chance of passing the entire riding test.

    However, you do get lots of penalty points for 'crashing', actually crashing, or riding like a timid mouse who's driving Miss Daisy - because clearly you can't judge a good cornering speed in those cases.

    HART in Victoria requires that you use their motorcycles, but that's not the case for all motorcycle testing/training places in Victoria.

    Anyhow, congrats on passing. :)
  12. Stuff that, should've turned up in shorts, thongs and a singlet! :LOL:

    Congrats on passing though, good luck with your riding and kudos for dressing up :wink:
  13. Do you do a road ride in Vic?

    We did a road ride for ~30 minutes around lunch time. Head up to hungry jacks and they come back via a nice twisty backroad (mc'cars creek rd for the northern beaches people), although given your instructor is behind you, you arent really going for it obvously. This is where we get assesed on cornering technique, buffering, crash avoidance space etc.
  14. Naw, no road ride in Victoria for either the L-plate test or the P-plate test.

    The Victorian P-plate test is pretty simple in fact:
    (1) The left/right 45 degree 'go as fast as you think is safe' corner
    (2) The pseudo-random left-swerve/emergency-stop/right-swerve test.
  15. :grin: :roses: :woot: :dance:
  16. good job! :)

    i also did mine on a brilliant summers day a month and half ago... and by the end was riding round with my jacket open :LOL: (as was everyone else who had ridden there that day) :grin:
  17. congratz !!! Its time to be a hoon