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Another one from Cairns

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Phunkshun, May 23, 2016.

  1. Hi everybody

    New to the forum here, thought I'd drop a line and introduce myself. Been riding for around 9yrs now, I've only owned 3 bikes 1st was a little VT250 Honda 2nd bike was a Suzuki DL650 and that copped a hiding for 8yrs and now I own an Yamaha MT09, MT09 is an absolute weapon and couldn't be happier with it.

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  2. welcome aboard :)
  3. gday PhunkshunPhunkshun welcome to NR!

    we would all love it very much if you posted up some pics of your yammie
  4. Hello and welcome to the forums PhunkshunPhunkshun. Very nice bike you've got there! Please post some pics when you can.

    I bet you have some fascinating material from your adventures on your DL650 across the FNQ. Care to share?
  5. Welcome to NR from Adelaide.
  6. I bloody love fnq. Welcome mate. Drop us a line if you're ever in Sydney, there's always a bed or a couch here for a weary traveller and there's plenty of pubs walking distance.
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  7. Welcome mate :cool:
  8. Welcome to NR...

  9. Welcome PhunkshunPhunkshun

    Cool bikes you've had :) nice taste. Best place to live in oz too!
  10. Cheers everyone, isn't something like 3 posts and then you post pics?
  11. Oh and the Vstrom didn't get to much adv riding it was my daily and long haul bike, did a couple of years ago on it of around 5000kms over a week. I just ended up pushing it to hard I started to wear the pegs out on the road hahaha did love that bike though, but the MT09 is juat so much fun
  12. It is an upload, just gotta Chuck some up on my photo bucket page

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  13. sweet!

    I lived in TSV in 2003-04 and travelled to Cairns every month with work. I love Cairns! you are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world!!!
  14. 5000km in a week - you're an animal!
  15. Welcome to the forum mate
  16. Welcome mate
  17. Welcome - another Cairns rider here :) Not that active on the forum... far more active on the Gillies on a Sunday morning ;)
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  18. Welcome, with tropic envy from SA ;)