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Another one for the geeks

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, May 7, 2015.

  1. We have friends, a retired couple, who know NOTHING about computers. They went out and bought an Aldi Android tablet, and an Epson wireless printer, and asked me to set it up for them.
    It was pretty easy until I struck a most perplexing hitch.
    Both people have separate @gmail accounts, the husband's account is the one which is directly linked to the Android device. When I set up the printer to the Google Cloud Print solution, it worked fine for him in terms of printing out his emails from Gmail running under the browser.
    However, when his wife logged him out of the browser and logged herself in, the printer was not available, despite being properly set up for both users.
    The fine print on the printer when her husband is logged into the browser says that it's "Owned by me". I suspect the fact that it is notionally "owned" by the husband is the problem, but I don't know if that is controlled by Android, by the browser or by the printer?????

  2. I'm completely making shit up here, but imagine being something Googly he'd "own" the printer and could share it from the Google Cloud Print site.

    EDIT: Maybe I'm not entirely lying. See Googly "share printer" guide here
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  3. By golly I do believe you've found the solution there!! I'll try it soon!
  4. Ownership is permissions based.

    Android OS is a port/extension of a base Linux kernel.

    Under this OS, the filesystem, services and processes are owned or run by a user or group.

    The common Linux/Unix commands are 'chmod' and 'chown'

    Using Android - a print 'group' would be needed, where both users are members.
    This group would then 'own' the print service.
  5. That's true. Maybe he should recompile his kernel with the print module enabled and fsck his sdcard in case it has itsy bitsy crumbly wumbly indexes before even thinking about printing. Maybe check compiler flags while he's at it in case he's over optimised creating a bug of some sort ;)

    Seriously though, "Android" sits on top of Linux and is supposed to be a user friendly easy to use OS, if you need to think about the internals of that to get a printer going for more than one "user" they've done it wrong.
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  6. Trying to read this thread makes me glad I invested in Apple. Besides the fact that everything works for the tech illiterate like me, it also sounds healthier.
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  7. You are dead to me.☺
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  8. *cough* buy 2 printers *cough*
  9. "You know nothing John Snow"
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  10. #10 BitSar, May 8, 2015
    Last edited: May 8, 2015
    I don't like stolen technology pawned off as the new cutting edge idea shamelessly
    glorified by an abhorrent company......

    That's just me though....

    Oh and by the way - Apple OS X is actually built on top of BSD........Unix.....
  11. Don't laugh too hard, at about ten that night I was going to say exactly that!!!
    However, I think dbrain's little Google effort might be on the money!
  12. It was either that or "have you tried turning it off and on again" :)
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  13. Why not just forward any emails she wants printed to his email address?
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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Somebody has pinched my Facebook selfies...
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  16. I feel like a matador today.....

  17. Which is exactly why I started to appreciate Apple early in the OSX days. For the most part the user is unaware of that, and because Apple keep the hardware variations to a minimum it (usually) just works. However, the BSD stuff is still under the hood if you want to get to it.

    I used to enjoy fooling around with windows to make it work right, but I reached a point in life when I realized I had better things to do.

    I do think Apple are a little on the rude side in term of strategy (e.g. forced obsolescence), but they are in it to make money.
  18. I find that when I use linux (ubuntu) I actually get stuff done, and quickly too... I guess it's a subconscious thing but it feels more business-like, especially once you've got a workflow that works for you (I can now log in, write a report, have latex compile it and get it sent to my google drive without having to open folders, muck around with stuff, etc). If I log into Windows I just play games hah :(

    I think if you invest yourself in the "Apple way", it can be very productive too... but
    screw apple ~_~
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  19. Apple is a bit like the dark side. There's some in all of us that makes us want to join......