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Another one bites the Dust!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Newby, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. Not literally....touch wood!! :shock:

    Just a brief hi to all to introduce myself to you all and to the world of riding.

    I am a NW (woman) OTB and loving it... I have had my learners for 3 weeks now (wanted it for about 10yrs) and of course 'know it all' already :grin: ...far from!!

    Am extremely keen to join some rides, gain more experience and get some tips for you experts.. I have been riding most nights, some days when can and weekends ...and have no friends :( ...well anyone who rides anyhow....I have met a few people through bike shops etc and have ridden about with them a few times ..... however really keen to meet people who enjoy this as much as I do...Not a fad either...and no i dont have a scooter!!... :LOL: .. bought a Kawasaki GPX..Black... now has 958k's on the clock...not bad for 3 wks ah!! he he ...

    Anyway enough waffling

    Anyone keen to ride with a newby or knows/has a group I could join up with would love some direction

  2. Tiffany, I predict a bright and busy future for you with Netrider Melbourne :LOL:.

    Welcome to the forum, and the ride ....
  3. Welcome Tiff :dance: :grin:

    Look forward to meeting up for the Gippy ride :cool:
  4. Hi Tiff,
    Welcome o the forums. You are definitely in the right place for going on group rides. THursday mystery rides are heapso fun and pretty learner friendly, if you hang out up the back :grin:
    See ya round :cool:
  5. Welcome Tiff!
    Look forward to catching up on group ride....now if I can just stop this work phone from ringing on weekends.........
  6. You've come to the right place Tiff, welcome to Netrider. :grin:
  7. Hey Tiff

    Know what you mean
    I have only had my open licence since July last year and hardly stopped since & I also have a GPX, Black with green trim :grin:
    its good to join a forum like this and see just how many women there are who like me want to be in control of the bike and not just a pillion. :wink:

    I am only new to Melbourne and yet to go for a group ride or get together but I am sure itchin to get there


  8. Welome aboard enjoy your stay
  9. Welcome Tiff, i'm in avondale heights. give me a shout (pm) some time.
  10. Hey Jace, thanx, I just found these events.... :cool: Great stuff!! I will definitely have to jump on board on these rides over the next few weeks...ahh and thanks for the tip ...up the back stalls ay so no one can see me nuff it up :wink:
  11. Heya hornet600..Mithel..RustyNail...slowandsteady ...Pete....Cruisingal
    Thanks heaps for the welcome notes... :grin: Hope to catch up with you all soon...... :biker:
  12. Hey Trace, Fantastic bike hey....I am so glad I made the choice to buy the GPX everyone raves about them as a great learners bike and I have to agree ..lovvvvvvveeeeee it!!!! Mines Black with red flames....Female pillions...hmmmmmm....or worse... 'The Scooter' :nopity: ...'WHAT THE!!' ...ban the office chickidee scooter riders i say :LOL:
  13. Why wait so long !!

    Welcome, good to hear you're racking up the km's :)
  14. Welcome!

    You're in my neck of the woods, but I'm no use to you, I'm still a learner too!
  15. Welcome Tiff. Good onya for getting what you really wanted! And yes, you'll most definitely have to join us on a coffee night so you can show off that baby of yours :grin:
  16. WTF

    What happened to Tiff's account. I'm unaware of her doing or saying anything out of line but she's become a guest and profile/pm functions removed. What's going on. This has happened to other new members as well?
  17. Im guessing it was ether some one who has been band in the past, a 2nd account for some one already a member or was sending PM’s that they should not have been :shock:
  18. She's only just started riding and she's definately not the type to abuse anyone. :? Mystery ride was her 1st event and she was looking forward to more rides. :) I wouldn't normally ask about a closed account but this one just seems odd.
  19. Ok so she IS a really new rider...then I take back what I said and remain baffled like you
  20. I just spoke to her. Boo PM'd her inviting her to the racing a Broardford tomorrow and she couldn't reply until she had 3 more posts (15 min required now :shock: ) She didn't know she was being bad by making 3 quick posts to boost her count to reply to the invite.

    Hopefully, our kind and gracious leaders will see that she meant no harm and restore her account, knowing she's learnt her lesson and promises not to do it again. :) Roses for our leaders. :roses: :grin:

    There's a hug and a spank in it for you Vic. :wink: :grin: :LOL: