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Another oldie to riding

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by CruiseDaddy, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. Hello all!

    I'm Ben from Melbourne. I've been riding since I was 18, and currently on the southside of 50. I've owned and ridden mainly standard and sports bikes in my teens to early thirties.

    I returned to two wheel transport (a 300cc scooter - face blushes) a few years ago mainly for inner city commuting, and found myself driving less and riding more despite Melbourne's weather. Over the last year or so, the urge for more power has been haunting me like a siren call, hence the decision to go back to my motorcycling roots.

    I've spent the last few months test riding bikes when I found this forum. A lot has changed from a technological and aesthetic perspective during my absence from riding. It's been fun and a gentle awakening of sorts; I don't feel old but my body's telling me a different story. No more racing crouch for me, I'm more of a "cruise daddy" these days. ;)

    Looking forward to getting to know you all.
  2. welcome, Mostly good people here, a few idiots,
    but you can ignore them.. :)
  3. Thanks for the welcome, foot69.
  4. Welcome to NR....

    We already have an uncle Greg here and now a daddy. ;)

    Well..its good to hear from a returning rider. What bikes have you narrowed down your list to?
  5. Don't leave the Kawasaki Z1000 off your list of bikes to test ride. Upright enough for the old bones, sporty enough to let you know you are still alive, and not a pain in the back like so many Cruisers. You may fall in love with it as I did. I did my first track day on it at the sprightly young age of 52.
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  6. Gday Ben im Nick, ive just joined up here looks like a good site for like minded peeps. Seems the riding bug never left you, i can never get enough of 2 wheels despites melbournes unpredictable weather. Was reading youre kind of past the supersport riding posi and leaning more to a cruiser. Ive got a few diffrent machines in my cave all diffrent riding styles, just recently i took a yammy xjr1200 naked for a spin and really liked it. Good old skool style muscle bike nice riding position in between going full cruiser or sport. Just another suggestion incase you was trying to still work out your ride. So many choices on our market now its never easy
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  7. Welcome aboard, and welcome back to the insanity.

    The expat I sold my Z750 to had been testriding Fireblades all day (he'd had an older one back home when he was younger). He said "They look the same, but they've gotten a lot less comfortable!" Of course it wasn't that his body was 20yrs older and 20kg heavier ...

    Anyway, my bike - upright position and high, wide bars - sold itself.
  8. Funny you should mention the Z1000. I've booked a second test ride for this on Saturday, as well as the Street Triple R. I'll keep you guys posted. :happy:
  9. I am 63 and loving the street triple, very versatile. By the way started riding at 60 and did first track day at 62. See you around youngster and welcome to a great forum.
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  10. welcome aboard mate :]
  11. #11 CruiseDaddy, Oct 14, 2014
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    Thanks for the warm welcome, guys!

    So far the bikes I'm seriously considering are the Kawasaki Z1000 and the Street Triple R, which I've ridden and liked for their combination of ergonomics, power and styling.

    Admittedly, I was not a great fan of the Triple's head-lights until I saw one with a flyscreen, which tidies up the front and unifies the headlight assembly to the frame. It's growing on me though :unsure:(Am I just convincing myself because it's such a great bike to ride?!)

    Over the last two months, I've ridden various types of bikes, trying to balance my riding needs (80% commuting), my physical limitations (LOL) and generally having fun seeing what what was out there.

    I thought I wanted to go the retro route so rode (with my impressions in brackets):

    Triumph Bonneville (Loved the classic styling and ergos - check my avatar, need I say more? However, it didn't have enough power, and the location of the ignition switch would really irritate me on a day to day basis watching my keys swing from side to side knocking against the side of the bike - petty, I know)

    Kawasaki W800
    (Beautiful styling, and better finished IMHO than the Triumph. Again, it had even less power than the Triumph and I quickly realised that these retro steeds would be better as a second bike for me. I also wanted fixed storage at the time, and thought a modern top box would also look crap on retro bike.)

    Then I thought let's go the adventure-tourer route, so I rode:

    BMW F650 GS (Likes: Masculine styling, reasonable ergos for my 5' 8" height, and heated grips!!! - never had a bike with those before. Dislikes: Assymetrical headlights, a little under powered, gearbox a little clunky, and man, this particular bike had one of the longest clutch pulls I've ever experienced. After an hour of riding my hand was sore.)

    Overall I liked the bike and was daydreaming of crossing the Simpson, a la Paris to Dakar, then I really thought about it. Could I really see myself going Grizzly Adams off road? The truth was, probably not, so decided against owning this style of bike. I can always hire one if I get the urge, right?

    Whilst at the dealership I also rode the BMW F800R, which didn't really grab me. Again I found the same gearbox and clutch pull problems. And the assymetrical headlights - what's up with that, BMW?

    However, I loved the look of the R Nine-T. I didn't like the price.

    8-| Maybe I would join the cruiser crowd, so rode:

    Suzuki M190? - can't remember the model; was friend's new purchase. (Likes: styling, idea of riding a cruiser; Dislikes: feet out front riding position, which I'm not used to; and the constant rumbling sound of the V-twin, which I liked in small doses, and is a great safety feature I know, but I'm not a morning person, and felt it would probably be too confronting firing up the bike first thing in the morning, just out of bed and before my morning coffee. Although the bike itself was cool and beautifully finished, the combination of overall size and unfamiliar riding position, didn't instil great confidence in my plans to use it lane splitting).

    Note: I haven't completely dismissed owning a cruiser. I booked a test ride on the new Indian Scout in 2015. (Apparently, all Scouts have been pre-sold and demo bikes won't be available until next year).

    Another bike I rode was the Yamaha MT 09. Perfect ergos, nice styling, good value but insane motor. Too unpredictable and twitchy for me. :wideyed: If I was younger or wanted a project bike... maybe. But as a personal rule, I never buy the first gen of anything. I'll let the early adopters provide the feedback to Yamaha.

    Thanks for all the recommendations, guys. Will check out some of your suggestions.

    LOL nice to see that I'm not the oldest guy in the room (I teach design at uni and haven't heard myself referred to as a youngster in quite a while.
  12. That's a good list of bikes.

    I like the looks of the Bonneville as well song with the R Nine T (but not the price).

    Have you looked at the Yamaha XJR 1300? It's a good bike.

    Let us know what you end up with.
  13. I've been going through the same problem finding a bike.. So took the easy option and getting my gsx1100 club reg..
  14. Welcome to netrider!

    Thought about the GSR 750?
  15. Thanks George O. Just checked the styling. I like. May have to organise a test ride.
  16. One of the top bikes on my 'very long' shortlist to upgrade to. Seen some used ones at very reasonable prices as well.

    Anyway, nice problem to have - what to buy next!
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  17. Hey CruiseDaddy and welcome.

    A wild card entry here. Yamaha TDM900.
    Not the prettiest, but I'm told they're a good all rounder and very good value for money.

    Ride well...
  18. Gosh. That's fantastic. I'm thrilled that I'm not the only one starting at sixty. Thanks!
  19. Thanks for the recommendation, Mick.

    However, I've just put a deposit down on a Z1000 after another test ride. Hopefully, picking up this week as I'm getting a top box installed as part of the deal.

    Hi Guinevere.

    Reading through people's posts and being new to the forum, is there a poll/survey results of the demographic make-up of our members?
    Gender make-up, age range, and bike/s they currently own? Just curious.
  20. Hey MickM do you do much riding round yarra ranges healsville parts. Speaking of tdm900s a mate of a mate i sometimes ride with has one with twin staintunes. Sounds damn awesome for a parallel twin