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Another Old Road blitz

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by UDLOSE, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. On the weekend my gf got new tyres so I took her bike (cbr250rr) to old road to scrub her tyres in. I turn off the freeway onto the highway and next thing I notice a cop car tearing through the traffic after me (i was doing 10 under the limit).

    I find a nice tree to park under and get off the bike. I knew he had nothing on me so I figured I'd take the honest good guy approach (as opposed to the say nothing "smart ass" approach). He gave me the bretho and then tells me how he had his windows up and heard me screaming up the road. I gave him a shocked look and he said he wasn't interested in that but the bike is way too loud. I told him it's my gf's bike, we just bought it a few months ago and I know it's way too loud. I said that it's due for rego in a few months and I know it won't pass rego like that. I said I'll try to get a baffle for it or replace the muffler if that's not good. I think it that was the right approach. He asked me how long I've been riding and I said 4-5 years. I said the problem is that this thing (the 250) is a gutless and its always reving high and cant be ridden quitely. The bike has a tyga kit and looks like a 600. I think once he realized it was a 250 he knew i wasn't hammering it, even though he wasnt trying to fine me he realised i was being truthful. He said to take it easy on the twists because a whole bunch of his mates were in there. We thanked eachother and left. I stopped at the servo and he must have gone passed while I was on there. I thought gee that went as well as I could hope for but I'd hate to go flying past him at 16,000rpm with my knee on the deck in 5 mins time. I figured I better take it super easy plus I knee there would be damp spots everywhere.

    5 mins into the ride old mate was coming the other way and I was doing the speed limit on the dot. He gave me a big wave and I gave him the nod.

    He wasn't kidding though I saw another 4 hwp cars in there! I tiptoed up and back.

    I'm staying away from that place for a while now, sure that one cop was a top bloke but Ive had the complete opposite from other cops on old road.

  2. Yep its the blitzing season....
  3. Yeah they were there the previous Sunday as well.
  4. a 250RR with a decent pipe sounds like it's doing a zillion miles an hour when it's doing ten anyway....
  5. They've been there in force the past weekends - time to slow the pace... a limit of 60 can give you a mighty big fine if you're going at any decent pace :(

    I know what the copper is talking about with the CBR's.. we were taking photos one day on the Old Road and heard a bike which sounded like it was ripping hard through the corners until we saw a learner wobbling around at about 50.... Disappointing ! haha
  6. Yeh tis the season for motorcycle "safety" enforcement.

    Ps sorry about the millions of typos in the OP, damn u iPhone.
  7. Thanks for the post UDLOSE. I'd like to know the common places on the OR when the HWP hide out, are they normally stationary or do they cruise up and down??? I've seen them behind the trees at Cowan train station, also where the road splits just before MT White Cafe' and also further up near the fire station. Are there any other spots to look out for? Cheers
  8. I've heard that there's a blitz on atm and the cops are specifically checking bikes for
    de-cat pipes and F/E's.
  9. Regarding this what happens if you have interstate rego? can they still defect you?
  10. I think so. I believe It's a nation wide blitz. It was reported on the AF1 forum.
    Instant defect notice for bikes with de-cat pipes and/or F/E's. Your bike would not be allowed to be ridden home.
  11. They dont seem to really care about F/E's here. Guess i am lucky. Other things keeping them busy. :D
  12. That makes sense, the cop said that they are referring people to the EPA (he called it DEC or something he said they renamed it), he said they can't issue defects for noise anymore they just refer you there (which is waaaaay worse btw). I asked alot of questions lol
  13. Honestly mate they could be anywhere. The thing I've learnt is the quieter the road the more cunning they can be, I've actually seen one parked on a short straight between 2 corners on a quiet wet day. When it's busy they can't do that stuff they have to hide really well so the other bikes don't warn eachother. All the good sneaky spots are on straights. Learn what corners open out onto a straight and aim to exit at the limit atleast until you can see clearly. I've actually never seen anyone being pulled over on old road. The patrol cars struggle to get radar readings because of all the corners, that's why my tinhat theory is that they deliberately send in bikes and cars which aren't equipped with a mobile radar so they can estimate your speed instead. That's what happened to me (not this weekend) I got told I was doing no less than 150kph and still accelerating while racing 2 others , exiting a corner whilst 2up by a cop with no radar, no lidar, no video (of that part) who was hiding in the bush who was allegedly taking a break (in a bush) at the time and not taking readings.
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  14. What you guys arnt relising is the cops arnt booking people cause they are on strike :)
  15. That right there will kill some kittens...
  16. oh snap, source?
  17. My wife works for them. DECCW = Dept of Environment, Climate Change and Water. This is now the Office of Environment and Heritage and no longer a department thanks to Barry's changes. There's a push to have the EPA, which is a division of OEH broken out into it's own department/office, but nothing has been decided on yet. They'll go rampant on noise, just like in the 80s if that happens.

    They refer you to a testing facility as the police aren't allowed to carry noise testing machinery with them (except in Vic i believe). It's a right pain in the ass because you have to find a testing centre and you pay for the test. One advantage though is that you can go off, put your stock exhaust back on, then get it tested, then put the louder ones back on.
  18. Yeah apparently I squished the whole litter then backed over the mum!
  19. Good story UDLOSE.

    Yeah, I treat every bike road as blitzed for the next three months. When my mate lost his license on the Great Ocean Road a couple of years back, I commented when it happened that it was no surprise given he was speeding significantly for the whole length. He replied with a shocked, "Why didn't you warn me?!"

    So here's a warning, the one I responded with: all bike roads are blitzed for the next three months! :)