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Another Old, newbie to Netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by JeffC, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. Hi all,
    Im Jeff and back on the bike for the past 5 years after the judge put me off 30yrs ago. Back then it was the Kawasaki 750 triple (2stroke). Now its a VFR800, how things have changed... bikes actually want to stop.. and go around corners without the frame flexing. Just thought I'd say hi to everyone.

  2. Hey Jeff, I bet you could share some memories of the old Widow-Maker with the younger riders here :LOL:


    {For younger readers, this is the beast in question, in a motorcycle museum in Tamworth}

    Some years ago I photographed a mint 750 Triple hiding in a garage in Sydney; it was for sale too, but I doubt I'd have been brave enough to ride it; my RD-350 two-stroke was scary enough back in '75.....

    A big welcome to Netrider.
  3. Welcome. Jeff
  4. Welcome, mate.

    I owned the 500 triple in the '70's, was never brave enough to
    upgrade to the widowmaker, the 500 was SCARY....
  5. Welcome Jeff... I am a retread as well... currently riding a 750 but I too remember the 70s and my Yamaha RD 350!!... Those were indeed great times when safety wasn't much thought of or spoken of... Had two mishaps and luckily walked/crawled away both times as a result of STUPID mistakes. A bit wiser now!
  6. Thanks Hornet, Rookie,Hawklord and Vossy53..
    I've been looking through the site for a while, thought it was about time I said something..

    The old days eh... Nothing like going around the Kew Blvd with the frame flexing like a banana underneath you..ahhh the memories... real happy thats what they are..

    Thanks Gents...Jeff
  7. welcome mate
  8. Welcome Jeff and a damn good choice of steed you now have too!

  9. Welcome Jeff

    30 years is a long time off the bike, you must have been a bad bad man.

  10. G'Day Jeff .. always room for more old farts .. I can say that cause I'm old enough to remember riding a spanking Honda 750four a couple of months after my mate bought it brand new off the floor.

    Got me worried though mate .. my names Jeff and my last name starts with a C .. and yes it has more than 4 letters.
  11. Thanks All... yes 30 years is a long time.. and no.. i wasn't THAT bad..haha, just did the family thing now its time to get back to it.
    CFVFR.. thanks.. it does everything I want it to do and uses little fuel doing it.. I have the 02 VTEC model.

    Nobby... people can spell my surname since a vampire has the same name... and NO i'm no relation... haha... amazing that young'uns can't realize ITS A TV SHOW!!!!

    Thanks again for the warm welcome's..
  12. Welcome, Jeff! :D
  13. Hi Jeff and welcome to NR