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Another old guy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by peter g, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. Hi all. Nothing special. Just another slow old guy clogging up the great riding roads around the Gold Coast.
    Cheers, Peter

  2. Good onya peter gpeter g , welcome and enjoy the ride ;)
  3. Welcome. Nice bike too, love the sound of those triples.
  4. Thanks Andrew and Wheel.

    Yes, Wheel, I love this bike! And it does sound great. I can never resist giving it a good blip every time I ride into the underground park in my building.
  5. Welcome to NR...

    Just a FYI, we are all young here. ;)
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  6. Howdy peter gpeter g and welcome to NR. :happy:
  7. Old? Nah, bokes keep you young. Welcome
  8. I'm sure RussellDPRussellDP meant bikes and I wholeheartedly agree.
  9. Welcome!
  10. Thank fcuk i didnt slip an extra L in there by mistake
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  11. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. While there are older riders than me on NR, I am not old.
  12. Welcome mate :cool:

    Nothing wrong with being out and about on a bike, much better than a car imho :)
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  13. Welcome peter gpeter g from another Gold coastian!!

    The more the merrier I say!

    What FractalzFractalz said is spot on. They're a good bunch of nuts ;) and hold quite a few regular rides.

    Envious of the weather up there at the mo, since freezing & wet down south. Enjoy!!
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  14. Welcome to the forum.

    I look just as old as Marques one I have my helmet on.......from 200 meter away....
  15. If you can ride a bike then you are not too old. Welcome!
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  16. G'day Peter,

    I just joined as well, so - pleased to make your acquaintance :)

    Cheers, Steve