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Another Old Fart New Member

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Maka, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. Hi All,

    Another Old Fart (fortunately 'Across Free') has joined the ranks. Increasing years, limited ability and lots of capacity (gotta have more than a litre to shift my mass!) make for an exciting ride every time I roll the Jackal out.

    Despite eligibility for 'Old Sillies' (and there was a few thousand of them in Canberra a couple of weeks a go), I mainly ride alone or with another club with a Canberra presence - Fat Bastards Motorcycle Club. http://www.fatbastardsmc.com/

    So all you squids show us elderly motorcyclists the respect we deserve :D . With time and a lot of luck you too may become an old fat bastard! The bike is the 'sanity aid' to help you get there.

    I was down in Melbourne in the cage last week - exhibiting at Avalon Airshow. Hook turns and tram lines -faaaarrkk! You Melbournians (sp?) are a brave lot!



    Moto Guzzi California Jackal (BlackJack)
  2. welcome to the forums MAKA.

    hmmmmm fat bastards club, sounds like my kind of place being 130kilos.

    will check out the site
  3. FBMC? Brilliant! What an idea!

    Welcome to the forum, mate.
  4. Welcome to the madness MAKA :)

    Yep thats my bike an escape from my kids
    "Insanity is hereditry - You get it from your kids" :shock:
  5. Welcome aboard :D

    Beee good now ya hear 8)

    Lisa :twisted:
  6. I like this line from the FBMC website:

    "You should never let a motorcycle take you somewhere your brain didn't go five seconds earlier."
  7. copycats
    I been practising that for 30 years..... :LOL:
  8. G'day makka,

    Welcome from another new member 8)
  9. Hi Maka, welcome :)

    Another old fart Guzzi rider!

    Are you on the AIGOR list as well? (although I mostly lurk there).
  10. Sounds like time for us to start a skinny chicks MC what da ya reckon Lil?
    btw welcome to the loony bin Maka!
  11. We're starting to outnumber these whippersnappers. Whooohooo! (*cough, splutter, wheeze*).
  12. At age 95 I'd say your days are numbered! pmsl!