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Another "OFF" report...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tils, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Had a stack back in may- the 13th... Just got home a little while ago from hospital. It happened on Gorge rd in adelaide, close to cudlee creek at around 2am. I had borrowed my brothers ZZR250 as my bike was in the shop being assessed for some (basically) cosmetic damage, and the old bike was pretty much neglected in terms of maintenance- it had no fork oil, a warped front rotor and a tyre that i rekon would've had to have been 6 years old at least. Which of course means i shouldn't have been riding it.
    Well, riding home from a mates the front end washed out on me and i had a meeting with a gaurd rail and then a cliff face at roughly 80km/h. Needless to say I did myself a fair amount of grief. Somehow I managed to slide under the railing and between the uprights- though my shin collected one of the uprights, and i hit the cliff wall side on. Had a compound fracture of both tibia and fibulae- my ankle was half way up my shin. I fractured 3 vertabrae in my lower back, tore the muscles of my spine and hip and tore muscles in my abdomen so i have a hole near my groin that may have to be operated on later...
    I don't recall losing consciousness, but it was night time so any darkness i experienced while face down on the side of the road could have been out time.
    I waited for about 20-30 mins before another car came, and they called the ambos (who were bloody brilliant people to say the least) and from there It took another 45 mins or more to get to the RAH.
    I lost a fair amount of blood and the doctors told me that I was extremely lucky that the impact with the cliff wall hadn't resulted in ruptured internals...
    My back is the biggest issue for me at the moment as the muscles re-attatch, but I have a rod from knee to ankle and 2 skin grafts on my shin.
    Feeling pretty good now considering, and I'll be looking for another bike now my old Fizzer has been written off within a few months if I'm capable.
    Chris. :wink:

  2. Decent stack :shock:

    Heal up well, and hope it all goes according to plan
  3. Sorry to hear it man, hope you heal up well
  4. wow, you really kicked your arse!
    good to see you are on the mend :)
  5. Ouch! Hope the healing process goes well!
  6. Best of luck mate.
    You beat me!
  7. Not a competition worth competing in though... But cheers. I'll post some pics later.
  8. so what were you thinking during the half hour you had before another person came by and rescued you?
  9. That road has claimed others in the past . Lots of curves, blind corners and very narrow in some places .

    Glad your healing .
  10. hope u heal up all good mate best of luck
  11. [​IMG]??
  12. Tough break. well at least your bro's bike went to a better place (if he was treating it like that...), and get well, lucky you didnt lose your back.
  13. he was humming Village People songs?
  14. It was all I could do to remain calm... It's pretty freaky being on the side of a road, there's no cars for the whole time i'd been on it (including the ride time up to that point) and seeing your gear (pants) go wet looking. I was just looking up at the stars- was real clear- and thought "sky's pretty tonight" strange thought...
  15. ouch hope you get better soon.
    What kinda gear were you wearing if any?
    After my recent off, I bought me some knee protectors which also have the shin guards.
    I was thinking that I was going overboard with the protection stuff.
  16. Never can go overboard on the protection gear. I was wearing Dririder Summit2 gear. It all held up very well. Small holes in jacket and pants. My boots didn't get touched.

    The frame looks ok, but on closer inspection, it was warped to hell.

    I rolled over to see that I was right next to those markers, the next gap in the uprights left of them. Was very lucky considering approach angle and slotting between them...

    My leg- where the bones came out. You can use these to figure out the angle of the break...
  17. You're going to have to shave/wax the rest of your leg(s) now cos it looks off. :p
    But that's obviously the least of your worries.
    Get well soon.
    That pic is kinda making me sick.
    I have a very weak stomach.
  18. get well soon.

    Looking at the pics, you were lucky that you didnt hit the rails...
  19. lucky is an understatement :shock: i hope you bought a lottery ticket or 3...

    good to hear your sounding alot better than your original altered state though! :grin:
  20. Glad you're doing better. Looks like a bit of a nasty one.

    Unsafe bike + twisties = bad news. now you've been there and done that I'll bet you a slab you wont do it again in a hurry.