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Another noobie in MEL!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Janek75, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. G'day to all! Just got my Ls after many years of driving in a cage. Done a course at HART, Kilsyth, VIC which was actually very well organized. Their marketing strategy (being basically Honda riding centre) works pretty well. Since then I'm looking to buy a Honda :)
    I'm in the middle of exciting process of searching for a LAMS bike which is sooo confusing, hope to find some support here. Don't want to spend big, $2 - 3k would be sufficient for something to bash around safely for few months, 250cc.
    Anyway, nice to be here, looking forward for some interesting discussion :)


  2. Welcome to NR Janek75Janek75 . Choosing a first ride is a confusing experience and whilst the more experienced here can help you with specific bike info, the best I can do is say sit on as many as possible. Especially in the riding position. I was in love with the XV250 Virago until I got into the rider position and said something like...'no way!'. As a newbie myself, I'm having a ball on my little Honda. :D Enjoy and learn lots!
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  3. Welcome to NR!

    I agree with Goldenberri. I have an RS125, and although I love it on the twisties, the riding position is pretty aggressive compared to my mate's Ninja300. So it gets tiring if riding in traffic. That said, i doubt there is anyone with a bigger smile on their face when they are going around a corner. :happy:
  4. Welcome to NR .. I would suggest going to a few bike shops in the city and sitting on some bikes.. Even if they're brand new etc you will get a feeling of how they feel for you..

    Do you want an sports/leaned over seating position, something more natural like that of a naked bike, or a cruiser type style.. If you're willing to spend 3-3.5k then there is quite the selection available to you on bikesales.

    When i first looked for my bike i saw what was available in the LAMS range and then narrowed my choice down by style and then features (i wanted a fuel gauge, none of this guess work). I then sat on a few models to see how they suited me. Could i sit on them with both feet flat etc, was i on tippy toes, did the tank feel like it was resting on my stomach too much , where the hand grips too wide or narrow etc

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  5. Good luck!
    I had a VTR250 (Honda) when I first started. Loved it. Super reliable and good take off speed.
  6. I went to Kilsyth as well....About 4 years ago.

    Welcome to the world of riding...
  7. Welcome mate, enjoy the search and +1 for what the others have said re choosing a bike. Pick a style you like, sit on heaps, short list and test ride 'em. Find something that floats your boat. If you're a big or heavy guy then a 250 May not be the best option so consider bigger.
  8. Welcome to NR. I agree with JT. I sat in heaps of different bikes and it changed my mind as to which one I wanted to buy. You need something that fits, something that's comfortable and something that suits your needs.
  9. Welcome Janek75. Of Polish descent, I'm guessing?

    You can buy a "friendly" underpowered bike and probably be bored in 3 months. From personal experience...

    Or, buy something that you think is a bit too much bike for you right now, treat it with appropriate respect while you grow together and enjoy it during your Learner's / Probationary period.

    Check out http://cycle-ergo.com for sizing to your bod. It's not 100% accurate, but quite useful.

    No matter what you spend your coin on, you will sometimes wish for more power, better sound, more fuel range, more lean angle, better wind protection, etc...

    Everything's a compromise. There is no perfect bike.
    Choose wisely, Young One.
  10. Thanks guys!
    I'm born and bred in Poland indeed, been in Australia for 7 years now and enjoying it immensely.
    Still can't get my head around religious approach to AFL but it might come in time :)

    I pretty much decided to get VTR250, it feels great, got enough power for 6 months or so until I get some confidence and muscle memory and then can re-sale for reasonable price.
    Got very tempted by new CB300F but common sense prevailed :)
  11. I landed here in '81 and don't get the AFL thing either, mate.

    The VTR250 is a solid bike. I'd be surprised if you don't get 6 months fun from it. There's a good reason HART use them to train new riders.

    Will you be looking for a fuel injected one?
  12. welcome aboard @jankek75 :] like others have said go and sit on & test ride as many as you can.

    Don't worry to much about the cc's unless you're particularly large:wacky:.

    I've been on my 250 for three years & can honestly say I've never felt that it has a lack of power or that it cant keep up on the freeways/ highways, most importantly enjoy the ride
  13. AFL is not even close to religion. It's far more important than that! ;)
  14. Stone the blasphemers ... ;)

    Welcome Janek :)
  15. There are not too many of EFIs on the market at the moment. At least in VIC. There's one in SpotOn in CBD but $6k is a bit steep.